Assassin refuses to comment on ‘rumored’ feud with Kartel, leaves it to public to form opinion

by Natalie Monique

Dancehall artiste Assassin aka. Agent Sasco latest controversial single Yuh Madda’ continues to cause controversy. The song addresses disrespect of persons who feel the need to resort to referring negatively to someone’s mother, specifically fellow entertainers. The fiery lyrics are sparking in the Dancehall Industry, leaving persons curious to find out or rather ‘get confirmation’ as to who he is referring to….

Rumors are buzzing, yet however remain unconfirmed, as no specific name was pinpointed in the song.

However, based on the energy from fans on this trending topic on the various online Networks and Dancehall forums, there is believed to be a feud between fans of Assassin and fellow artiste Vybz Kartel. The two artistes both recently released a song with the same title ‘Real Bad Man’ possibly a couple days apart.

Assassin’s ‘Nothing At All’ also seemed to cause controversy, where he was addressing negative issues in the business and the rising trend in Skin Bleaching. Kartel has been in the Media alot lately for his ‘new’ skin tone’ and it is rumored Assassin may have been talking about him. Many Health/Beauty experts, Artistes and the public in general have recently been hitting out against this dangerous epidemic which has taken over.

Though in the eyes of the public the subtle, apparent ‘word throwing’ continues; in an interview with The Jamaica Star, both Assassin’s manager, Gareth Campbell and himself refused to address the rumor. Assassin said, ‘No comments. Who have ears mek dem hear and who have brains work it out’. Listen to recent releases from both artistes ..Coincidence, Just the Music or Feud?….you be the judge…


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