NEW!! Usain Bolt plants a kiss on his new girlfriend, Slovakian Designer Lubica

A pic has been surfacing of Jamaican International Athlete Usain Bolt, as he plants a deep kiss on who local reporters say is his new beau, Lubica Kucerova aka. as Lubica Slovak or Belle Lubica. Usain was previously rumored to be ‘linked’ with Jamaican, Florida based model, Taneish Simpson aka. Lava, from the Reality Show, ‘For the Love of Ray J.’

Lubica is a Fashion Designer and Entrepreneur originally from Slovakia but now residing in Jamaica; she is also partner of Tami Chynn (Jamaican Recording artiste) for their Clothing line, Anuna and Belle.

The pic seems to be causing a stir and now the ‘talk of the town’…hmm, Y U Mad y’all??

Jamaican cartoonist Clovis, popular for his usual Satire chose to add his piece…Hmmm (See Pic Below)

UPDATE: Usain Bolt ends 6 month relationship with new Slovakian Fashion designer girlfriend Lubica

8 thoughts on “NEW!! Usain Bolt plants a kiss on his new girlfriend, Slovakian Designer Lubica”

  1. He’s date several black women, before and after he became world famous. Belive it or not but he has no issues with black women. Some people on the other had…

  2. Usain Bolt has chosen a white slave as his equal, No black woman should touch him with a barge-pole ever again. He is damaged goods. Move with base you become base.

  3. I don’t business who Usain waa date. If i was in his position i would grind off all the pretty girls i could get too lol. If Usain wasnt “the fastest man on earth” this gyal along with the other groupies wouldnt even look pan him. I know a TON load of BEAUTIFUL women who got involved with him and it was mainly cuz he was famous. That is the truth because Usain is NOT good looking and he has the IQ of a piece a rock stone suh !!!!

    1. Where you from man? I like the term ” grind off all the pretty girls”. Everyone has the right to what ever they want. I think he has a trophy room where he is doing a bit of collection.

      Lets watch and see who is the next victim.

  4. Totally agreeing with Getalife! You can’t win when you’re in his position. Folks need to mature and stop wanting to tell others what to do. You have your life, focus on living it the way you want and let Usain live his. I bet a lot of these women cursing him are “gold diggers” themselves, just because you’re a Jamaican black woman doesn’t occlude you from being after the man’s money. Usain, kiss who you want brother and let those who don’t like it kiss your….

  5. bolt i dnt wrong u coz im a jamaican n im dating an black american female why coz jamaican women are shitheads wen it cms on to relationships

  6. I’m sorry, but anyone hating on Usain Bolt’s Slovakian lady is prejudice and racist as far as I’m concerned. Why are people calling her a gold digger when this chick is a former model and owns a fashion line? She been paying her own bills from long time! And why are angry fans calling Bolt “disloyal” as if he has some sort of unwritten allegiance to Jamaican and/or black women to date them exclusively? Everyone can date whom they please. I’m very disappointed in the way people are reacting to this. Why are we still even batting an eyelash at people dating outside of their races, or even outside of their nationalities? You can be loyal to your country, love your country and still fall in love or like with someone 6000 miles away. People want to argue it’s the “upgrading to a white woman” thing when you become famous. Bolt’s been famous for a while now and has dated lots of black girls. No matter how far along in his career he would’ve been when he chose to date a European, critics would’ve said, “Oh! As soon as he got famous he traded us in for a white girl!” Sorry it sickens some people to see them kiss. I hope they have many more smooches right in public for others to see!

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