Breaking News!! Popular Dancehall artiste Busy Signal arrested on Drug Charges and travelling under false identity

It is being reported that popular International Dancehall artiste Busy Signal has been arrested for a Narcotics offence committed back in 2002 in Minnesota, United States.

This follows recent news of the success of his newly released album, ‘Reggae Again‘ already making it to Top Ten on the Billboard charts.

Sources say Busy was held immediately after he landed in Kingston(May 21, 2012), Jamaica, having just returned from a recent tour in Amsterdam.

Some time ago it was being highly discussed that a high profile entertainer was under watch for being in connection with the operations of extraditied Jmaican Crime Drug Lord Dudus Coke, which led to rumors surfacing that Gordon was indeed the unnamed person of interest, and the reason for his arrest.

It is also reported that he has been operating under a false name for the past decade, and his real name is actually Glendale Goshia Gordon. We will keep you posted on this….Sad day in Dancehall and Reggae News plz say it aint so

Busy is set to make his first court appearance on May 24th at the Half Way Tree Magistrate’s Court, where he will be represented by the Law firm of Queens Counsel, K D Knight.(Knight, Junor and Samueals)

UPDATE: (05/24) Busy Signal has agreed to return to the United States to face trial
UPDATE: (05/22)

(Via MTV News)
The warrant is apparently the result of a decade-old charge for drug conspiracy in the state of Minnesota. The arrest of the 33-year-old took place May 21 at at the Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston, Jamaica’s capital, after Signal, real name Glendale Goshia Gordon, had just arrived from London after playing shows in both Paris and Amsterdam.

The original arrest of Gordon was for traveling using false identification documents. Police claimed that his passport listed his name was Reanno Devon Gordon, which led to his detention as a fugitive for the decade-old drug-related warrant.

The warrant includes charges for conspiracy to distribute and possess with intent to distribute cocaine, three counts of conspiracy to distribute cocaine (level 4) and a possession charge with intent to distribute. The level 4 distinction indicates that the accused planned to distributed no less than five kilograms of cocaine.

According to the Associated Press, Busy’s first appearance in court is schedule for this Thursday (May 24). He will appear at the Half Way Tree Resident Magistrate court in Kingston.

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