NEW!! Former Jamaican WR sprinter Asafa Powell has spoken, he will not be apart of the Olympic Mens 4 x 100 relay team

According to Gleaner sources, Asafa Powells’ agent Paul Doyle has confirmed, that based on the results from a recent Ultra sound, shortly after the 2012 Olympic Mens 100M final, he may be forced to sit out the rest of the season.

This decision follows the former 100M Jamaican World Record Holder’s latest downfall in not being able to complete the 2012 Mens Olympics 100M, Gleaner says Powell has stated that he is ‘definitely’ ending his Season.

Doyle said in earlier reports, “We had an ultrasound today and we are having an MRI at 7:30pm tonight, but the ultra sound has shown that there are new damages to the adductor muscles and also some scar tissue damage from an old injury in another area…Based on the current findings, I don’t think it looks good for the rest of the season for Asafa, but we will have to consult with coach (Stephen Francis) once we get at the final results from the MRI and make a decision, but unfortunately the relays most likely will be out and the season will most likely come to an end for him.”

Though many have expressed their disappointment at Powell not medalling, innumerable other Jamaican fans and worldwide athletic supporters have been showing their die-hearted support. Many were hoping for the best for the well loved athlete, despite the 100M final drop…but in the end knew the best final decision would be made between Powell, his Coach and the Medical team.

Posted on Asafa’s Facebook page was the following: “Team Asafa, I competed in the men’s 100m finals because it was an individual event, and an opportunity to represent my country and my fans. The 4x100m relay is a joint and collective cohesive effort. I will not selfishly stand in the way of Team Jamaica going out on the track & field with four able healthy bodies and cease a gold medal victory for our Country. I am cheering the team on because united we stand and divided we fall. I invite all my fans to join me and together we will witness something great and spectacular…One Love! AP”

He also previously posted a NOTE TO NAYSAYERS>>: “I ask one thing of all the persons who are making negative remarks about me. I can understand that and appreciate the fact that you expected me to medal, however I have zero control over destiny. I do ask one thing though please do not come on my page and disrespect my loyal and genuine fans who support my cause and justify my existence. Enjoy the rest of the day. One Love 4Life!”

Get Well Asafa!!! You raised the bar in the beginning for Jamaica on the Track, set the trend and done Jamaica very proud!!!

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