NEW!! Photo/Video: Oprah gives her opinion of Rihanna after spending time with her in Barbados…Priceless!!

This is so epic…two Queens in one space

Oprah recently posted an Instagram photo (above) and tweeted: ‘Look who’s driving me around Barbados’ Rihanna also tweeted the same pic and tweeted, ‘Look who popped up in my hometown BARBADOS.’

Love it!! Rihanna sharing the island spice with Oprah!! Also posted on Rih RIh’s fanpage was the pic below…This looks simple, but is quite major;)

This was very sweet of Oprah, to look beyond all she has heard/see, and make her own analysis…We love Riri, haha… As I always say look beyond the lights and fluff;)

See video of the visit below pic:

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