NEW!! Busy Signal receives six month sentence in US courts today

by Natalie Monique

International Dancehall artiste Busy Signal who was recently extradited to the United States, finally received his sentence today.

Busy fans and family should be happy as according to our reliable source, he was only issued a six month sentence, despite the fact that Minnesota sentencing guidelines would have seen him with up to 18 months imprisonment for his charge of absconding bail.

His manager Shane Brown, told the Observer that the judge was impressed with the positive change in the artiste. He said: “He was very happy with the type of artiste he is. The judge had the lyrics to Nah go Jail Again in front of him and liked the fact that Busy was part of school programmes in Jamaica.”

Sometime ago his lawyer, Bill Mauzy told the Associated Press that the team was going to ask for a lesser sentence than the possible 18 months, but did not disclose how much time they were requesting.

Busy Signal was arrested at the Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston, Jamaica shortly after returning from a European tour. After the first court hearing in Jamaica, where he was denied bail Busy and his legal team opted to waive extradition rights and face the US courts instead.

He is currently facing charges of absconding bail and returning to Jamaica, during a pending drug case in the United States which occurred ten years ago.

This is surely great news for the Reggae and Dancehall fraternity, fans, friends and family. Two months ago his girlfriend gave birth to a bouncing baby boy….the well loved artiste will be home very soon, having only about two months left to serve in prison

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