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Hmm, would you buy Thigh-Gap Jeans? Are you Quiche:-)

Smh, women have become so obsessed with who the Media says they should be and what they should look like…it is no wonder the Just Boobs team made a sketch comedy to highlight the ridiculosity Is that a word lol of this superficial obsession…

A thigh-gap is that space between the thighs when standing with knees touched. Women have come to believe that having that gap suggests you are at the ideal body weight, you are more attractive, and many other things…there have even been sexual assumptions made for women who have this gap.

So, they now have waist cinchers/trainers, jeans with built-in derrieres, numerous kinds of Shapewear, slimming and even enhancing undergarments etc…would you buy jeans that make you appear to have that now Media hyped, ‘coveted’ thigh gap?

Just recently, world renowned Pop star Beyonce, came under much scrutiny on Twitter for her highly pronounced ‘Thigh gaps’ in her latest photos. The allegation is that the star is being Photoshopped to the point of looking surreal. Hours after the photos surfaced, Queen Bey posted a photo of herself (green shorts below) and her thigh-gap in casual shorts, as proof I guess that she owns that gap, and it was not designed.



Love yourselves ladies..Being ‘quiche’ is a fun idea… hey, every woman wants to be considered kinda hot…but as to having a Thigh-gap as one of the determinants of looking beautiful or sociably acceptable..what do you think?

What makes you quiche/hot? lol See videos below:

#KnowYourOwnBody #LoveYourself

Pics: Who doesnt love to feast eyes on a stylish Man….Ebony’s 15 Most Stylish Black men on Instagram

Ebony Magazine computed a snazzy list of who they consider to be the Most Stylish Black Men on Instagram.

I literally took my time and went through each of their Instagram accounts added a few lol… and boyeee, was I served? #TheyAreGivingLife #SenseOfStyle Images, Cuts, Energy, Angles, Colors, Contrast, Fit and Abstracts et al

Check out who made the cut…do you agree with the selection? Anyone you would add or remove from their list?

Marcus Troy is a lifestyle “blogger,” who has most notably broken the chains of blogging, and elevated his website into a lifestyle brand. It truly encompasses everything cool or on the verge of cool. To say he’s ahead of the curve would be an understatement.

The name says it all. However, Dapper Lou maybe known more for his eye behind the camera lens, than the name implies. Working on projects for brands such as Banana Republic have garnered him credibility within the fashion world. But his effortless style has earned him a following of more than 45K on Instagram.

NICK GRANT (NicholasGrant)
The man makes his living by writing for some of your favorite publications, and tends to spend his free time schoolin’ gents on how-to-dress better through Instagram posts. Follow him and you might learn something new.

Aer comes first
Sam Lambert and Shaka Maidoh make up Art Comes First. They are duo of stylish men who find it imperative that art should come well before fashion. We couldn’t agree more.

JESSE BOYKINS III (JesseBoykins3rd)
The soulful Mr. Boykins III gives his audience a piece of his art everyday. Through his collection of Instagram posts, he makes the bold statement that a man’s style is a reflection of who he is from within.

Joshua Kissi and Travis Gumbs are the geniuses behind the Street Etiquette brand. Some might say they’re the two most stylish men on the Internet, but we doubt they would care for those accolades. They’re more focused on empowering their audience by expressing their artistic take on their everyday surroundings.

MORUF (Moruf88)
His movement of L.O.E (Love Over Everything) is an authentic representation of his style. Moruf mixes unique vintage finds, with his own collection of hats and t-shirts from his L.O.E. clothing line.

Westbrook is not afraid to rock whatever he wants. So for those days when you’re on the fence about what you’re wearing, take a look at Westbrook’s Instagram page, and do you, bruh.

Even at the age of 40, Pharrell still manages to dress like your most stylish friend, and not your cool uncle. And he always pushes fashion to the limits. See Pharell’s smoky the bear hat, circa 2014 and probably forever.

CHANCELOR (ChancelorLee)
The photographer behind the Keep Pittsburgh Dope movement is often stopped and photographed himself, as many are drawn to his take on classic mens wear.

JOE KENNETH (JoeKenneth_)
The timelessness in his esthetic is something to admire. Never trendy, but instead following the beat of his own drum, Joe constantly keeps his followers on their toes. A poet, well-dressed gent, and overall creative would be the best way to describe Mr. Joe Kenneth.

When it comes to the suit and tie look, no one does it better than Steven Onoja. His Instagram profile is like a constant stream of inspiration for the guy who aspires to dress a bit more refined each day.

Who’s house? It looks like Diggy’s. The young rapper is all grown up now, and is making it clear that we need to pay attention if we want to be as stylish as he is.

nick younglakers-swaggyp
They don’t call him ‘Swaggy P’ for nothing. The ultimate risk taker, Young makes everything work for him.

He’s clearly been one of the most stylish celebs for quite some time now. At times Usher has fallen victim to trends, however he appears to be completely on top of his game as of late, again reminding us that he does it his way.

Snoop Dogg gets French Manicured Nails…


Snoop Dogg is known for his controversial moves, causing head to turn and once again he has lived up to this…

The Rapper, seasonal Reggae artiste, recently posted on his Instagram account was a photo of freshly Black and White French Manicured hands, and the caption following: “Hands Of Time!!”

Hmmm. do ur thang Snoop I guess:-) Trend Or Nah?