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NEW!! Video Trailer: Bob ‘Marley’ documentary opens in theaters Friday, April 20

by Natalie Monique
At some point we may have heard some talk about the ‘long-pending’ Bob Marley documentary that has been in the making. Yes…that same documentary that Martin Scorcese was originally working on with Weinstein Company in 2008, who was eventually replaced by Johnathan Demme after he left the project. Demme himself later walked away from the project after having alleged ‘creative differences’ with the producer at the time, Steve Bing.

Demme told Indie Wire, “The Marley documentary is on absolute hold. The portrait that I fashioned from all the archival footage of Bob Marley is one that I love very much, but [that love] is not shared by the financiers and the project is on complete hold at the moment and there’s a lot of discussion going on geared to try and find the most positive possible resolution to this situation.” Clearly, a resolution was not found and the planned release date of February 2010 — what would have been Bob Marley’s 65th birthday — has come and gone, but a replacement has hired on to bring the film to the finish line.”

The replacement Demme spoke of is Kevin MacDonald(Director, of ‘The Last King of Scotland’/Oscar Winner, Feature One Day in September, 1999), who finally took over the task of completing this historical production, who recently enjoyed the World Premiere of the final product, entitled ‘Marley’ at the Berlin Film Festival, among the notables in attendance was one of Bob’s sons, Rohan Marley. This follows the recent announcement on Bob Marley’s birthday (Feb 6), that the rights to ‘Marley’ was recently acquired by Magnolia Pictures and is scheduled to go to the big screens (First US release), as well as VOD and digital platforms on April 20th, 2012 ..yes, 4/20:) For those familiar with the underlying meaning of this date, may find it an appropriate date for this theatrical release (lol)…Ok, for those not too familiar, 4/20 is a day when thousands of people all over the tristate area gather together in Central Park New York City to take part in this day, to celebrate and consume ‘cannibis’ aka. weed:)

According to The Hollywood Reporter sources, the Kevin MacDonald-directed ‘Marley’ will consist of ‘rare Bob Marley footage, archied photos, interviews with friends and family and concert performances.’ Magnolia President Eamonn Bowles spoke of the project, “Bob Marley is a fascinating, towering figure in musical history, and Marley is the biography that he deserves…Kevin Macdonald has once again shown himself to be a master documentarian with this eye-opening, entertaining, beautifully crafted film.”

The documentary is produced by Steven Ming of Shangri-La Entertainment along with Charles Steel and Ziggy Marley, son of Bob Marley and Island Records founder Chris Blackwell are the Executive Producers. Ziggy told sources his sentiments of the project, “This documentary is the ultimate revelation of my father’s life,” said Ziggy Marley. “The family is proud to be able to have the world finally experience this emotional journey.”

Interviewer: Are you a rich man, do you have alot of possessions? Bob: Possessions make you rich..I dont have that kind of rich, my richness is Life Love Bob Marleyyy!! We are happy to learn the documentary about a true messenger and King of World Reggae is finally complete, and look forward to seeing it in theaters 4/20…haha, April 20th:)


Watch a great rendition of Marley’s ‘One Love’ by various Reggae artistes at the recent Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange held in London

UPDATE: Dancehall artiste Elephant Man granted $400,000 bail; speaks on Rape allegations

It was recently reported that popular Dancehall entertainer was taken into Police custody for questioning for Rape allegations. After court proceedings earlier today, Oneil Bryan aka. Elephant Man was granted bail in the sum of $400,000.

It was alleged that ‘Ele’ raped a 31 year old woman at his St Andrew home in Jamaica. The Jamaica Observer says he is scheduled to reappear in court on May 21.

NEW!! Pics: Rihanna gets new Tupac inspired ‘Thug Life’ tattoo?

Fresh from her vacation in Hawaii, Rihanna tweeted her new tattoo, in honor of Rap legend, Tupac Shakur. The singer tweeted her tatted knuckles, inked in a ‘flesh-toned’ type stain, (cannot tell from the pic, if it is indeed real) she tweeted, ‘♫ All these b****s screaming that 2pac back ♫ #THUGLIFE,

RiRi also tweeted a pic, getting a lower back tattoo, not sure of the inspiration for that one, but she wrote: ‘Tat my fuckin name on u girl so I know its real!!! #MINE ‘

Hmmm..what do u think?

NEW!! CONGRATS to Project Runway winner, Anya Ayoung-Chee on her engagement

by Natalie Monique
Trinidadian Anya Ayoung-Chee, former Miss Trinidad Universe and Project Runway Season 9 winner recently tweeted, ‘Its official!’ @WyattGallery and I are engaged!” She also posted this picture:

Anya got engaged to her long time beau, photographer Wyatt Gallery, where he proposed to her atop a mountain during vacation in New Mexico. She told Trinidad Express, “I am absolutely thrilled….I said yes of course and we’re already planning a true Trini wedding! Life has thrown us many curves and our love has endured… I feel extremely blessed!” She went on to describe the moment,’ “Wyatt proposed on a mountain ridge in the beautiful desert in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I was completely surprised! I didn’t know it was coming. When he got down on one knee, I just started to cry out of pure joy. The sun was setting over the desert and the moment was absolutely perfect.”

THe couple intend to marry in her island home, she told sources, “Yes, we’ll be marrying in Trinidad,” she said. “We want to bring all our foreign friends to our beautiful island. The wedding is still being planned. I’ve always wanted a big fete, but we’ll see what happens… and that she will be continuing her career as a Designer, refusing to comment on if she will have kids, she said, ‘No comment on the kids – haha, but we want to eventually live on the North Coast of Trinidad… That’s always been my dream.”

CONGRATS again to one of the Caribbean’s female gems doing her thing…Taking the Caribbean to the worlddd!!! #TalentBeautyBrains

NEW!! Video: Rihanna’s debut film, Battleship opens May 18th, 2012

by Natalie Monique
The Action/Adventure movie ‘Battleship’ is based on the actual game ‘Batttleship’, the popular ‘matrix based’ board game, and directed by Peter Berg. Rihanna stars alongside Taylor Kitsch (Friday Night lights) and Alexander Skarsgard (True Blood)

In the film, Rihanna stars as a Petty officer and a Weapons specialist. The story takes place in Hawaii, where a naval fleet is in battle at Pearl Harbor against an alien race, known only as, ‘The Regents’. The aliens come to earth to take over, where they meet upon a challenge from the Navy. Hmm, wonder if this could possibly be where Rihanna got her idea of the ‘Rihanna Navy’ name for her fans….

‘Battleship‘ opens in theaters May 18th, 2012…. Go Riri!!! Check her out… Taking the Caribbean to the worldddd!!!

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