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Musical extraordinaire Pharrell Williams has earned his own star on Hollywood Walk of Fame


Recording artiste, Visionary, Songwriter, Producer, Fashion Designer, Rapper Pharrell Williams has been a staple in the Music business and continues to prove why he can make the entire world ‘happy’.

…and we are indeed happy for the man who continues to prove he is way more than the cute-faced artsy entertainer with the strange hats…Williams can now boast an even greater accolade than all above, as he has earned his very own star, on the prestigious Hollywood Walk of Fame in Hollywood, California!! (His is the 2,537th star created)

Pharrell has totally mastered converting anything, no matter how simple or complex and turning it into pure ingenuity.

His amazing multi-talent, simplicity, unassuming demeanour, undying youthfulness; humility, love, equality, confidence boosting advocacy and carefree yet professional attitude, all compliment his intellectual brilliance, which is evident through his varied work.

The following pics were posted on Pharrell’s official Instagram page:

“Thank you @theellenshow for your beautiful speech at the Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony”

“Surreal…thank you to every single person who ever contributed to my career journey.

“Thank you @thechefalisa of LA’s My Two Cents. Tasting your food was an awesome experience. You are a true culinary artist.

WATCH: Pharrell Williams ‘Dear Girl’

LOL! WATCH: Comedian Oliver Samuels recounts his own experience with Chikungunya


Popular Jamaican international comedian, Oliver Samuels, recently spoke at an event in Belgium, to raise funds for the restoration of the Ward Theater, in Kingston Jamaica.

We bumped into this video online and had to share…and based on its content, it seems Maas Oliver despite the formal scene, was in his usual element, the same witty, hilarious, engaging Oliver many have grown and come to love.

It is even more amazing, how easily the Award winning comedian is able to switch from ‘proper to patois’ and back, with little effort…showing his expertise at entertaining persons regardless of cultural background. Check out the video below:

How cool is this? An arm wrestling match resolved a major Airline dispute


Herb Kelleher (Right) Chairman of Southwest Airlines and Kurt Herwald (Left), Greenville, S.C based Stevens Aviation wrestle in Dallas, Texas in 1992, to determine who would get rights to an advertising slogan.

Stevens had been using the slogan ‘Just Plane Smart’ for over a year before Southwest unknowingly began using the exact Ad campaign. Herwald decided to challenge Kelleher (Southwest) to the wrestling match, instead of dishing out thousands of dollars in legal fees and the two heads also agreed the publicity from the match would benefit both airlines even greater.

Whoever wins, gets to keep the slogan, the loser would also have to donate $5000 to a notable charity.

Herwald eventually won the highly publicized match, which by the way was entitled ‘Malice in Dallas’…. but out of good sportsmanship, he allowed Southwest Airlines to continue using their slogan, plus also as a ‘gift’ for accepting the crazy proposal in the first place.

Both companies reported increase in profit shortly after, Southwest estimated gaining around six million dollars from publicity and doubling their stocks after a year and within three years Stevens Aviation was making four times what it made in the year of the match. The charity also gained fifteen million dollars from the three rounds of the match.

Hmmmm…Muy Interesante….