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Video: Racist Ethiopian Woman hates Black Women WOW!!

by Natalie Monique

OMGee, recently, the notorious, controversial You tube video with an Ethiopian Woman dissing Black Women (see below), has once again become a discussion topic amongst everyone, not only the ‘Black American Women’ she speaks of or rather ‘dehumanizes’.
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She also criticizes the Asian-American race as well, she makes a clear distinction between ‘Asian-Americans as opposed to straight Asian and so on, and makes frequent reference to her ‘husband’, which we can ‘assume’ is Asian.

In the video, the woman (not sure of her claim to fame) said thing such as, ‘The majority of black american women have little chance of dating outside their race’ …See Black women have absolutely no idea how the world perceives them, no idea’, She put put out her disclaimer who she defines as the ‘Black American Woman’, who she says is not talking about Caribbean women or 1st and 2nd generation black women lol, (whatever that means) or African women….

She also says, ‘ Black American women are the worst type of women to date’, ..Most Black Women were brought up by a single mother or grandparent’, ‘..they are the most dangerous type of women to date’…(See it for yourself below) She rants on making disrespectful comments also about other economic issues, that I doubt she even realizes.

She has come under alot of fire especially from Black women, through mainly online sources and video responses to her. The things this woman is saying are totally uhm…..pretty much downright crazy. At the end of the video she blatantly states her claim saying, ‘ Black Women are ..they’re not good woman, the majority, more than 50% are not good women, they really aren’t..” Guess, she doesnt realize that she now made a genral statement, hmmm

I really cannot say anymore on this, what do you think, leave a comment below……SMH