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Vybz Kartel was denied UK visa; all Europe shows have been cancelled

by Natalie Monique

Vybz Kartel fans have once again been disappointed as his European shows in Holland, France and Germany have all been cancelled.

According to Urban Islandz reports, he was denied a visa by the United Kingdom Embassy in Jamaica.

They gave an official statement saying:

UPDATE – here is the official statement about the cancellation of the tour:

Due to the fact that the artist “Vybz Kartel” did not receive his visa from the UK Embassy in Jamaica, he won’t be in Europe again this week! We will try and reschedule his tour for June, 2011, when he will be touring both the UK and Europe. We are very sorry for this massive disappointment, and inconvenience to all dance hall fans, and most importantly, “Vybz Kartel” fans.

Video: Chris Brown performs on ‘Dancing With The Stars’

by Natalie Monique

Chris Brown took to the stage of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ as guest performer, and wow….. What a performance!!

Brown performed his hit song, ‘Beautiful People’ along with other popular songs from his album F.A.M.E ‘Yeah 3x and ‘Forever’. The 21 year old Pop Star did an amazing performance, not disappointing with his crazy dance moves, accompanied by his energetic dancers.

He has been enjoying the success of his newly released album F.A.M.E, so far and making numerous appearances. According to sources, the album is the second strongest debut album behind Adele who debuted at No 1. and recently topped the Billboard Top 200, as No. 1 album. F.A.M.E is his fourth Top 10 album.

The eight time Grammy nominee, also recently released a video to the popular song, ‘Beautiful People’ and what else…we will never know as it seems Mr Brown is on a roll…great comeback for Chris…when you have it, you can never lose it..Kudos to this multi-talented brother!

Watch his ‘Dancing with the Stars’ performance below:

Assassin refuses to comment on ‘rumored’ feud with Kartel, leaves it to public to form opinion

by Natalie Monique

Dancehall artiste Assassin aka. Agent Sasco latest controversial single Yuh Madda’ continues to cause controversy. The song addresses disrespect of persons who feel the need to resort to referring negatively to someone’s mother, specifically fellow entertainers. The fiery lyrics are sparking in the Dancehall Industry, leaving persons curious to find out or rather ‘get confirmation’ as to who he is referring to….

Rumors are buzzing, yet however remain unconfirmed, as no specific name was pinpointed in the song.

However, based on the energy from fans on this trending topic on the various online Networks and Dancehall forums, there is believed to be a feud between fans of Assassin and fellow artiste Vybz Kartel. The two artistes both recently released a song with the same title ‘Real Bad Man’ possibly a couple days apart.

Assassin’s ‘Nothing At All’ also seemed to cause controversy, where he was addressing negative issues in the business and the rising trend in Skin Bleaching. Kartel has been in the Media alot lately for his ‘new’ skin tone’ and it is rumored Assassin may have been talking about him. Many Health/Beauty experts, Artistes and the public in general have recently been hitting out against this dangerous epidemic which has taken over.

Though in the eyes of the public the subtle, apparent ‘word throwing’ continues; in an interview with The Jamaica Star, both Assassin’s manager, Gareth Campbell and himself refused to address the rumor. Assassin said, ‘No comments. Who have ears mek dem hear and who have brains work it out’. Listen to recent releases from both artistes ..Coincidence, Just the Music or Feud?….you be the judge…


Jamaican Billionaire shares his secret to Wealth

by Natalie Monique

Jamaican-Canadian billionaire, Michael Lee-Chin addressed attendees at the February luncheon seminar of the Barbados International Business Association (BIBA), his presentation, “Prosperity through Challenging Conventional Paradigms”

Lee-Chin shared his five principles that lead to creation of wealth, which he says, he developed by observing the strategies of America’s wealthiest investors, one of which he named as Mr. Warren Buffet. In sharing his tactics, he confidently dismissed the false notion that ‘diversifying one’s assets’ leads to successful results.

According to sources,, among the five principles he mentioned were, “(1) That wealth is created by owning a few high quality businesses; and (2) that wealth is created when the person owning those few businesses fully understands them, (3) that, the businesses owned are in long-term growth industries; (4) that financing is done by prudently using other people’s money; and (5) that the few businesses owned are owned for the long-run.”

Michael lee-Chin is listed in the Forbes Magazine as one of the world’s wealthiest business persons, he is currently the Executive Chairman of AIC Limited (a Canadian Mutual Fund) and the National Commercial Bank of Jamaica, only two of his various successful investments .