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How cool is this? An arm wrestling match resolved a major Airline dispute


Herb Kelleher (Right) Chairman of Southwest Airlines and Kurt Herwald (Left), Greenville, S.C based Stevens Aviation wrestle in Dallas, Texas in 1992, to determine who would get rights to an advertising slogan.

Stevens had been using the slogan ‘Just Plane Smart’ for over a year before Southwest unknowingly began using the exact Ad campaign. Herwald decided to challenge Kelleher (Southwest) to the wrestling match, instead of dishing out thousands of dollars in legal fees and the two heads also agreed the publicity from the match would benefit both airlines even greater.

Whoever wins, gets to keep the slogan, the loser would also have to donate $5000 to a notable charity.

Herwald eventually won the highly publicized match, which by the way was entitled ‘Malice in Dallas’…. but out of good sportsmanship, he allowed Southwest Airlines to continue using their slogan, plus also as a ‘gift’ for accepting the crazy proposal in the first place.

Both companies reported increase in profit shortly after, Southwest estimated gaining around six million dollars from publicity and doubling their stocks after a year and within three years Stevens Aviation was making four times what it made in the year of the match. The charity also gained fifteen million dollars from the three rounds of the match.

Hmmmm…Muy Interesante….

NEW!! Trinidad and Tobago Airport departure fees to increase June 1st, 2012

by Natalie Monique

Effective June 1, 2012, the Airport Authority of Trinidad and Tobago, (AATT) who manages the operations of the Piarco International Airport and ANR Robinson International Airport, (formerly known as the Crown Point Airport) will increase its Passenger Service Charge (formerly known as Departure Tax) from $100 to $200. (As of today US$1=TT $6.38)

Although the hike in fee is 100%, T&T Transport Minister Devant Maharaj told Guardian Media that the amount was still small in comparison to the prices travellers pay for Visas and Airline tickets, highlighting the fact that the last increase was 10 years ago. He said, “We have no choice. If somebody has to worry about a $100 increase as they buy a ticket to go away they would have other problems involved. I think the new fee is reasonable.”

He went on to further explain, ‘In order to fulfil its mandate to provide safe and secure aviation facilities and to generate additional revenue to meet increased salaries and maintenance cost, he said, the AATT recommended that the departure tax be changed.’ Sources say some Travel Agencies complained of not knowing of the change, however Maharaj counteracted saying, the hike was to fully recover the cost of the provision of security at the international checkpoint, stating that the AATT had never collected any fees for the provision of security checks at the domestic facilities.

The upcoming price change is now posted on both the Piarco website and ANR Robinson websites.

NEW!! Caribbean Airlines re-launches Trinidad to London, Gatwick flight

by Natalie Monique

Trinidadian owned Caribbean Airlines recently announced (via their website) the re-launch of their Trinidad-London route, travelling to Gatwick. CAL previously flew into Heathrow, after the now defunct and once the largest Caribbean airline BWIA, ended operation in 2006, allowing CAL to benefit from this coveted route and more.

The non-stop Trinidad-Gatwick flights they say are scheduled to begin in mid-June and will depart from Piarco International Airport in Northern Trinidad, using B767-300ER aircraft fitted with ‘state-of-the-art cabins, including in-seat power and video as well as flatbed business class seats’.

Caribbean Airlines is the parent company of the once budding Jamaican airline, Air Jamaica, as well as Caribbean Airlines, and operates a fleet of 17 Boeing aircraft and 5 Dash 8 and 2 Turbo props.

British Airways presently flies six times per week from London, Gatwick to Port of Spain, Trinidad, and once weekly as well as Virgin Atlantic from Gatwick to ANR Robinson International Airport in Tobago.

The airline says, it is currently looking to expand their routes even further to include Johannesburg and Delhi. Currently, CAL flies to the following destinations: Antigua and Barbuda, Trinidad, Barbados, Jamaica, Venezuela, Bahamas, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Guyana, Grenada, New York, Tobago, Philadelphia, St Maarten, St Lucia and Orlando.

Competition can only be better…Kudos on our Caribbean airline spreading their international wings!

Taking the Caribbean to the worldddd!!:)

NEW!! Official Video: Sean Paul ‘She Doesn’t Mind’

by Natalie Monique
Sean Paul Fans will be glad to see another dance video from the Grammy star. The video was directed by Evan Winter and shot at the Long Island airport in New York.

The Grammy winning Dancehall star is doing his thing, having recently added Music producer to his belt and about to drop his fifth studio album, expected to be released in February. Sean also has another soon-to-be-released Music video which was recently shot, featuring various local reggae acts on one of his latest self-produced ‘Material’ rhythm,

‘She Doesnt Mind’ was produced by American producer Benny Blanco. Blanco has helped to write and produce hit singles for female pop stars such as, Kesha, Katy Perry and Britney Spears as well as Justin Beiber and Mike Posner.
Interesting concept, can we say…Steammmyyyy, lol ….check it!

Watch Behind the scenes footage below

Sean Paul recently parted ways with his manager of ten years. Check out another hot, new one from Grammy Award winning Sean ft. Alexis Jordan ‘Got to Luv Ya’

Delta Airline/ Jamaica Drug Ring busted

by Natalie Monique

Sources report that Baggage Handlers employed to Delta Airlines, made an attempt to smuggle drugs from Houston and Jamaica airports into Detroit.

It is reported that a total of 12 people have been arrested of which 10 are current employees. Authorities say, the Drug Ring has been going on for several years and the investigation called, ‘Operation Excess Baggage’ headed by the ICE organisation in Jamaica, began in January 2010.

Federal Agents say the Baggage Handlers would ‘tie strings or mark an X on baggage tags’ so they would be easily identified to those involved in the ring, the suitcases had name tags with actual names but did not belong to any particular passenger on the flight.

According to sources, 16 kilograms of cocaine and 130 Kilograms of Marijuana were found.

The Jamaica Star says the Federal Investigators allowed the plane to depart, but ordered that all the bags were intercepted once they arrived in Detroit, before they got to the Baggage Handlers.