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Photos: Solange shares artsy-xotic pics from her 8-day honeymoon in Brazil


We recently posted an article on lovebirds, Solange and Alan Ferguson’s nuptials, and now the blissful newly wed Solange treated fans to a number of abstract shots from her week-long, simplexotic my word Brazilian honeymoon.

Each pic posted, mysteriously tells its own love loaded story, and as the creative and unique soul she is..we expected no less than a work of Art even in simplicity.

Check out some of the pics below:

Captioned: “Thank you Trancoso for being the most magical lil place to “honey our moon”…. Brazil could not have been kinder to us and our love…..”




“Mr… got the blues…”


“Always looking out”


“Hang me out to dry”


She posted her last pic, saying, “8 days of photos. Brazil. Endless opportunity to capture vibes. But enough eh”

NEW! Music Video: Soul sensation Polly A. incorporates her island roots in latest video ‘Nature’


The multi-faceted, soulful, artsy Milwaukee native of Jamaican parentage, Meleni Smith, who now goes by the name Polly A., has again graced us with yet another catchy, thought-provoking, visually appealing number.

She recently released the video to her single, ‘Nature’ which tells the story of sometimes unstable, inconsistent relationships and plays on the lame ‘excuses’ that are often heard, which many may be able to relate to.

Polly A is known for her song, ‘Happy’ on the soundtrack of the Will Smith movie ‘Hitch, she has also co-composed ‘Love Is My Disease’ for popular R&B artist Alicia Keys.

Smith also boasts credit for being a 2013 Soul Train Music Awards nominee for Record of the Year, for J.Cole’s song ‘Crooked Smile’.

The ‘Nature’ video plays on Words, Art and throwback, edgy Fashion topped off with a display of her raspy, soulful vocal prowess, skilfully coined lyrics and beat by beat energy… We are loving the creativity and unique vibe in this one! Check it out below:

Behind The Scenes: American sprinter Carmelita Jeter poses nude for ESPN Body issue

US Olympian sprinter Carmelita Jeter posed nude for The 2012 Body Issue of the ESPN magazine….Check out the behind the scenes from the shoot:

WATCH: Shelly Ann Fraser Pryce wins 2012 Olympics Womens 100M Final ahead of US Carmelita Jeter

NEW!! Pics: Bermuda provides creative outlet for Kids through ‘Youth, Camera, Action!!!’

YCA Photo

by Natalie Monique

Youth, Camera, Action is a free Photography program for Middle School children, ages 11-14, held at the Bermuda National Gallery. It is open to all Middle School age students who have never participated in the program before.

Education and Communications Officer Dany Pen spoke of the program: “Most (students) came into the programme with very little to no photography skills…they were able to gain more confidence and self-esteem at the end of the programme.” She continued, “The BNG encourage students who enter the programme to use art as inspiration for their photo taking sessions,” said Ms Pen. “Upon graduating from the programme, students leave with a set of photography skills that allows them to inspire themselves, their family and the community.” (Source: The Royal Gazzette)

Past students also get the opportunity to become mentors for other incoming students, after completing their program.

Registration for the Summer program is now open and applications are available on the www.bermudanationalgallery.com. The program will run July 2- August 31, 2012, and there are only 16 spaces available per week. BTC and Caitlin End-to-End are the main sponsors for YCA programs, and cover all major costs such as, Field trips, Equipment, Rental, Photo paper, and general instruction.

Samples of past students work (151 featured) are currently on exhibit at the Bermuda Society of Arts, City Hall (3rd fl) and will be viewable June 15th thru July 4th. Admission is free.

Watch testimonials from past students (below):

NEW!! Watch: ‘Broken One’ with Trinidadian Reggae Spoken Word poet, Gary Acosta with Til Shiloh

by Natalie Monique
‘Broken One’ is an amazing short film/ Music Video using the Spoken Word, produced by Trinidadian artistes, Til Shiloh and Gary Acosta showing the sad and deep seated effects of Domestic Violence.

Shiloh and Acosta are fresh from enjoying success from a previous video, ‘New Light’. Speaking on the short film, Acosta says, Domestic Violence is considered a somewhat taboo topic, making special reference to his hometown, Trinidad. He said, he always wondered what it must be like to hide pain from abuse in relationships, having had a friend die from this, which actually inspired the duo to create this piece.

The creative team, includes the artistes, Assistant Director/Producer Simone Le Gendre and Trinidadian Director and Canadian trained Special Efects Makeup artiste, Steven M. Taylor. The creative use of dark shots and ‘real-life’ images, set design and make up all accentuate the deep and powerful message throught the artistes lyrics, and is sure to evoke empathy and awarenesss in the audience.

This is pure genius…Caribbean people talented bad! Check vid below:

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NEW!! Jamaica’s Dancehall artiste Wasp releases Music Video ‘Thank You’

by Natalie Monique

Jamaican Dancehall’s Marvin Clarke aka. Wasp recently released a Music Video to his popular single, ‘Thank You.’

The song is creatively delivered by the raspy-voiced deejay, with lyrics that contain sarcasm, slight humor and a very thought-provoking message. The artsy video shot by the Jamaican All Female Jamaican Production team, Scorpio 21, directed by Renais marshall and the styling by Sashon Burton.

The visuals have a dark background right throughout, whilst Wasp strategically placed in contrasting attire stands out amidst the darkness. He sings, ‘…Thank youuu, for always ah fight me..thank you fi talk seh you nuh like me (for saying you dont like me)…the more you fight, the more me reach farrrrr…’ Love this!

Check it out: