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Music Video: Jahcoustix and International Reggae artiste Shaggy song for charity ‘World Citizen’

by Natalie Monique
Check out the Music Video for Jahcoustix and Shaggy’s powerful song, ‘World Citizen’, in Berlin, Germany.

Besides being one of the worlds greatest Ambassadors for Reggae music, Shaggy is known for his various charitable efforts, and who better to team up with on this selfless venture.

The song is vibrant and catchy, yet very thought-provoking, and according to Shaggy’s website, all proceeds from the single will go towards the global ‘Think Big Project’ which ‘supports young people’s ideas to create a better world.’

Love this..Respect to Jahcoustix and Shaggy on this positive Cariburban move, thinking about the bigger picture…Taking Reggae Music to the world!!

NEW!! Listen: Boardhouse Records Dancehall artiste Lady Ali drops new single ‘Hotttt”

by Natalie Monique

Upcoming Dancehall artiste Lady Ali, the power in a pint female Deejay from the Boardhouse Records camp has released another single, ‘Hotttt’…and the title sure speaks for itself.

‘The Female Defender’, as she calls herself, states her claim in the tune, as to why she can confidently call herself hot.
Saying her life is alright, “…more than pretty, got it like that…bad from mi born and mi nah tek chat..”

The lyrics and beat will surely have the ladies moving to this one…Miss hottie hottie, Ms Gotti gottie… Love her flow! Check it out:

Also check out: Lady Ali goes hardcore in new tune, ‘New Style’ on Boardhouse Big Dog Riddim.

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NEW!! Listen: Dancehall artiste Assassin a.k.a. Agent Sasco new tune ‘Bun Freaky Act’ creating a storm

by Natalie Monique

Assassin aka. Agent Sasco goes hard in his latest tune ‘Bun Freaky Act’ produced by Boardhouse Records.

The ace lyricist is known to speak up on negative things happening in society that is rarely publicized, spreading positive messages, through his crafted lyrics. Bun Freaky Act talks about staying true to yourself, and not give in to societal ills, in order to succeed or stay/become relevant.

As they say in island terms, ‘Too much of one thing nuh good’…How the fire fi cool?? Dancehall fans have been buzzing saying the song is directed at specific artistes and causing much controversy….

Check it out for yourself and DOWNLOAD the original song for free HERE

NEW!! Soca Meets Dancehall: Trinidadian singer Annya Li teams up with Dancehall’s Agent Sasco in Soca Hit ‘Again’

by Natalie Monique

As Carnival is high in the air, Trinidadian Singer/Model/Songwriter Annya-Li teams up with Jamaican Dancehall artiste Assassin a.k.a Agent Sasco in the somewhat unexpected, yet totally explosive collaboration ‘Again’.

The song was produced by Bambino and Coppershot Music on the Karnival Konnek Riddim. The energetic mix from the two artistes result in a vibrant and unique vibe; with Internationally acclaimed Assassin maintaining his Dancehall flavor throughout, while multi-genre fused Annya raises the Soca tempo, causing an explosive cross over of the islands.

Love this diversifying from two multi-talented islanders….when Soca meets Dancehall…taking the Caribbean to the world!!

Get maaad!:)