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Hmm, would you buy Thigh-Gap Jeans? Are you Quiche:-)

Smh, women have become so obsessed with who the Media says they should be and what they should look like…it is no wonder the Just Boobs team made a sketch comedy to highlight the ridiculosity Is that a word lol of this superficial obsession…

A thigh-gap is that space between the thighs when standing with knees touched. Women have come to believe that having that gap suggests you are at the ideal body weight, you are more attractive, and many other things…there have even been sexual assumptions made for women who have this gap.

So, they now have waist cinchers/trainers, jeans with built-in derrieres, numerous kinds of Shapewear, slimming and even enhancing undergarments etc…would you buy jeans that make you appear to have that now Media hyped, ‘coveted’ thigh gap?

Just recently, world renowned Pop star Beyonce, came under much scrutiny on Twitter for her highly pronounced ‘Thigh gaps’ in her latest photos. The allegation is that the star is being Photoshopped to the point of looking surreal. Hours after the photos surfaced, Queen Bey posted a photo of herself (green shorts below) and her thigh-gap in casual shorts, as proof I guess that she owns that gap, and it was not designed.



Love yourselves ladies..Being ‘quiche’ is a fun idea… hey, every woman wants to be considered kinda hot…but as to having a Thigh-gap as one of the determinants of looking beautiful or sociably acceptable..what do you think?

What makes you quiche/hot? lol See videos below:

#KnowYourOwnBody #LoveYourself

Miss Jamaica World 2012 Deanna Robins in No. 1 position in Miss World Preliminary Challenge Events so far

by Natalie Monique
The final Coronation of the Miss World 2012 Pageant takes place on August 18th, 2012. Prior to the final night, a number of ‘Challenge Events’ are also included in the final decision. These include Beauty with a Purpose, Multi Media (where the contestants also gain points by getting the most ‘likes’ on their ‘Miss World- insert Country’ Facebook page), Beach Fashion Top 40, Model Award and Sports and Fitness.

In describing her Talent piece that gifted her a spot in the Talent finals, Deanna said (MissWorld.com), ‘I am performing modern and contemporary dance to Bob Marley’s ‘Redemption Song’. The dance is a reflection of the hardships overcome and the eventual deliverance felt by the Jamaican slaves as a result of their perseverance and subsequent freedom.’

So far Deanna Robins, Miss Jamaica World 2012 is a top finalist in all of the Preliminary Challenge events (See Leaderboard Point Standings below pic): UPDATE: (Aug 12) Deanna has now been selected as a Top 10 finalists in Top Model segment!

Check out all 13 Caribbean ladies vying for the prestigious Miss World 2012 title on August 18

NEW!! Pic/Video: Jennifer Lopez gets sexy for L’Oreal Solar Expertise Ad

by Natalie Monique

J Lo looks absolutely stunning and flawless in the latest Ad for her L’Oreal Paris Campaign (Above)…

…always looking the same! Caliente!! Check her out in an earlier Television Commercial!!

NEW!! Miss Angola takes the Miss Universe Crown 2011!!!!

by Natalie Monique
Congrats to the stunning Angolian beauty Leila Lopezon taking home the Miss Universe 2011 title, after competing with 88 other fabulous beauties, from all over the world. Second place went to Miss Ukraine, and third, Miss Brazil, Miss Phillipines and China, fourth and fifth place respectively.

Top 5 Finalists:

1. Ukraine (Olesya Stefanko)

2. Philippines (Shamcey Supsup)

3. China (Luo Zilin)

4. Brazil (Priscila Machado)

5. Angola (Leila Lopes)

Miss Panama, Sheldry Saez represented the Caribbean well, placing 6th in the Swimsuit competition as well as in the Top 16.