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New!! The Natalie Monique™ Show Live Coming Soon


Live Call-in talk show, hosted by the effervescent, blunt yet charming, Natalie Monique™.  Broadcasted live weekly

on a screen near you. (To be announced)

Various thought provoking, controversial topics ranging from Relationships, Music, News, Fashion, Health, Tech to Politics.

Here we also introduce new/upcoming talent in various career fields, inspiring/new ventures, trending and breaking news, latest music, beats and videos shown….easy, laid back yet energetic atmosphere Caribbean vibe with urban influence…some call it crossover, we call it the REAL Cariburban style!

Taking the Caribbean to the world, we’re not just known for our beautiful islands, but its amazingly, multi-talented people. We are everything NEW…and feel free to contact us with anything quality, relating to the Caribbean and otherwise, deserving exposure.

The vibe is not straight Caribbean, American, European or anywhere else, it is a seamless, classy blend….a little of everything, resulting in ALOT! New season begins soon.. STAY TUNED!

If you have a show topic you would love to have discussed OR you or someone you know have an interesting venture/talent to share as a guest on the show…let us know!


NEW!! 12 year old Selah Marley on her budding singing career and modeling debut

by Natalie Monique

Another Kid-Celebrity on the rise to stardom….12 year old Selah, is the daughter of Lauryn Hill and Rohan Marley, son of the legendary Bob Marley.

Selah was photographed by Victor Demarcheller for Teen Vogue magazine, and she sure looked amazing and definitely a ‘mini-me’ of her mother, Hill. In the interview, she spoke how she randomly introduced her interest in modelling to her father, ‘I was in a hotel with my dad, and I was just joking around and said, ‘Oh yeah, Daddy, I want to model…..I don’t know—the camera is just fun.”

She spoke of her many extra-curricular activities outside of school, which involve ‘piano, violin, guitar, basketball, gymnastics and ballet.. and the fact that she still manages to maintain an ‘A’ average, which was highlighted by her Mom. Of her notable musical talent in her family, she said she ‘likes her Mothers music..it is truthful..’ and of her Grandfather, Bob Marley of course, she find shis music soothing.

Selah made sure to express her ‘public love’ for Justin Beiber, (see video below) mentioning she admired his rise to fame, and his cute looks (lol). The bubbly, little diva said the pressure to be ‘another successful Marley’ was very much in existence, she said, “People tell me I have to follow in the footsteps of my mom and grandfather, but it’s a lot of pressure—I can’t really slip up and mess up the name.”
From the looks of things, it seems Lauryn is not taking anything for granted, haha Selah told sources, “One day I was like, ‘Mom, you wanna sign me at Sony?'” Selah recalls. Her mother’s response? “Let me hear your stuff and I’ll think about it.”

We have our eyes on this little Island princess on the rise…it really is scary how much she resembles her mother:) Taking the Caribbean to the worlddd!!

SM2 by jni10

NEW!! Download : Dancehall artiste Assassin ‘River Stone’ Mixtape now out!

Recently we mentioned that Assassin aka. Agent Sasco, one of Jamaica’s top Dancehall acts and international musical ambassador was about to release a brand, new Mixtape for 2012…well here we have it for you!

The RIVER STONE Buss Dem Head 2012 Mixtape is produced by Boardhouse Records, with music by, Dr. Dre of Renaissance and Xynk Fence Sound. The producers have made it AVAILABLE for FREE download RIGHT HERE …. Dancehall/Reggae lovers are sure to enjoy the authentic, orginal Dancehall vibe …Check it outtttt!

Preview tape below and download. The ‘RIVER STONE’ ringtone can also be downloaded using this link

River Stone fling and buss dem head, buss dem head …..Maaad!! Dancehall tun up in 2012!


01 – River Stone Intro – Muschino aka Quick Cook
02 – Almighty Protect – Assassin
03 – Good Over Evil – Assassin
04 – River Stone – Assassin Ft Muschino aka Quick Cook
05 – Mine – Assassin
06 – Talk How Mi Feel – Assassin
07 – Run Di Place – Assassin
08 – Money Can Buy – Assassin
09 – Bazzle – Assassin
10 – Wah Do Dem Guy Deh – Assassin
11 – Dem Sick – Assassin
12 – Pree Dis – Assassin
13 – Tun Up – Assassin
14 – Wanna Be Ballers – Assassin
15 – Cyaa Catch Mi – Assassin
16 – Anywhere We Go – Assassin
17 – Galis From Birth – Assassin
18 – Smooth Operater – Assassin
19 – Nuh Fraid Fi Gi Mi – Scaacha
20 – Sissy – Assassin
21 – As A Man – Assassin
22 – Breed Gal – Scaacha
23 – Shop Keeper – Assassin
24 – Dutty Cartoon – Assassin
25 – Hustling Money – Scaacha
26 – To Make Money – Assassin
27 – Up In A Life – Assassin aka Wash Belly
28 – Money Machine – Assassin
29 – Monkey Money – Scaacha
30 – Hand To Mouth – Assassin
31 – How U Suh Hot – Assassin
32 – Crosses – Scaacha
33 – Nuh In A Wah Dem In A – Scaacha
34 – Hotter Than Her – Assassin
35 – Cuteness – Scaacha
36 – Profile Pic – Assassin
37 – Screechie – Scaacha
38 – Girl Me A Beg You Some – Assassin
39 – Run Di Permit – Scaacha
40 – Cyaa Lock Off Di Dance – Assassin
41 – Hand In A Di Air – Assassin
42 – Dink N Merry – Assassin
43 – Pull Up In Di Dance – Assassin
44 – Party Daily – Assassin
45 – Fly For Ladies – Scaacha
46 – All Over Di World – Assassin
47 – Late – Assassin
48 – Facilitate War – Assassin
49 – Nah Go Save Yuh – Scaacha
50 – Buss Gun – Lady Ali
51 – Gun Dem A Count – Assassin
52 – Lock Gun – Assassin
53 – When Di Rifle Clap – Scaacha
54 – Gun Shot – Assassin
55 – Talk To Mi Gun – Lady Ali
56 – Madda Badman – Assassin
57 – Bad In A Gang – Assassin
58 – Dem Fear Wi – Assassin
59 – Real Bad Man – Assassin
60 – Gun In Mi Knapsack – Scaacha
61 – Do It If Yu Bad – Assassin
62 – Mouth Cut Crossway – Assassin
63 – Nothing At All – Assassin

NEW!! Pics: Jah Cure and wife Kamila reveal pics of their new baby Kailani

Jah Cure recently took to Twitter to show off his newborn daughter, Kailani Belle Alcock. On February 19th, 2012, Cure and his wife Kamila welcomed little Kailani into the world.

He tweeted:

….posted these pics

Jah Cure was not present for the delivery, as his wife Kamila gave birth in California where she is currently pursuing a Masters degree, however he showed his support via Skype. (pic above)

NEW!! Music Video: Nicki Minaj ‘Stupid Hoe’

Following her album, ‘Roman in Moscow’, Trinidadian Hip Hop Diva, Nicki Minajis gearing up to release her brand new sophomore album Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded ‘ February 14th…yep, Valentines Day babyyy!!

In the meantime, check her brand, new video for her latest single, ‘Stupid Hoe’, where she goes back to her fun, Barbie image. The energetic, coloful visual was directed by Hype Williams and also on her soon-to-released album …Hmmm, lets see what this is all about…sounds intense, lol

The Pink Barbie has been doing her thing with her single, ‘Turn Me On‘ gaining the highest digital sales this week on the Billboard chart, topping Adele’s ‘Set Fire’ and RiRi’s, ‘We Found Love‘. VEVO has also recently confirmed (Nicki Minaj Channel) that Minaj broke the record with this vid, becoming the first artiste to receive the highest single-video views in 24 hours ever, they listed 4.8 million.

Its A Caribbean Thing….we taking it to the Worlddd!!!!