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NEW!! Listen: Boardhouse Records Dancehall artiste Lady Ali drops new single ‘Hotttt”

by Natalie Monique

Upcoming Dancehall artiste Lady Ali, the power in a pint female Deejay from the Boardhouse Records camp has released another single, ‘Hotttt’…and the title sure speaks for itself.

‘The Female Defender’, as she calls herself, states her claim in the tune, as to why she can confidently call herself hot.
Saying her life is alright, “…more than pretty, got it like that…bad from mi born and mi nah tek chat..”

The lyrics and beat will surely have the ladies moving to this one…Miss hottie hottie, Ms Gotti gottie… Love her flow! Check it out:

Also check out: Lady Ali goes hardcore in new tune, ‘New Style’ on Boardhouse Big Dog Riddim.

NEW! Dancehall artiste Assassin a.k.a Agent Sasco heads to Africa for second leg of World tour

by Natalie Monique
One of Jamaica’s top quality Dancehall acts Assassin a.k.a Agent Sasco, remarkable lyricist and world reknowned stage performer is about to wrap the European leg of his extensive World tour this weekend, after which he will be jetting off to Africa.

The ‘Assassin World Tour’ includes appearances in various parts of Europe, Africa, USA and Canada. Based on comments from fans on Social networks, Assassin made astounding performanaces so far in Sweden, Germany inlcuding the 2012 Summerjam Reggae Festival, Switzerland, Poland to name a few, and has upcoming appearances in London this weekend.

Included in his African tour, the artiste is scheduled to perform in Johannesburg as well as the Annual Winter Warmer Concert in Harare Gardens, Zimbabwe on July 28th, 2012. Agent Sasco’s fan pages have been swarmed with comments from African based fans, in anticipation of the well-loved and respected artiste’s arrival.

Reggae and Dancehall fans can also look forward to Agent Sasco on stage at the huge upcoming Annual Montreal Reggae Festival next month, where he will be joined by other Jamaican Reggae/Dancehall acts such as Tarrus Riley, Konshens, Khago, Chris Martin, Popcaan, Luciano, Cham and Romain Virgo. Love this!!! Taking quality Dancehall Music to the Worldddddddd Sasco!!

NEW!! Boardhouse Records releases hot new ‘Dutty Cartoon’ and ‘236 Riverside’ Dancehall riddims

by Natalie Monique

While still enjoying success both local and abroad, from their recently produced Assassin aka. Agent Sasco ‘Riverstone’ mixtape, which stormed the internet in January 2012; Production label Boardhouse Records has released two more hot, new Dancehall riddims, ‘Dutty Cartoon’ and ‘236 Riverside’. The beats have that original, Dancehall vibe sure to take listeners back to the days of pure unadulterated Dancehall Music.

The Riddims (Rhythms) feature a combination of artistes, from Grammy winning Reggae/Dancehall Shaggy , top International Dancehall artistes Assassin a.k.a Agent Sasco and Busy Signal, upcoming and promising artistes, Scaacha, Lady Ali and others.

On the ‘Dutty Cartoon’ Riddim, Agent Sasco introduces new Boardhouse female artiste Lady Ali, where they do a powerful collaboration, ‘Man Guinep’. Sasco is known for his authentic Dancehall style and delivers no less and Lady Ali was right up there, riding the riddim in real time and form. Fans also get to hear International Reggae star Shaggy in a rare complete Dancehall element, ‘A Who dem ah fool, fi get pon mi level, u have to get pon a stool…’ love it!

‘236 Riverside’ includes tunes such as, Agent Sasco’s popular tune ‘River Stone’ ft. Quick Cook, a track from his new mixtape, currently riding the airwaves and heating up the Dancehalls. Lady Ali pays homage to the power of her ‘Likkle Ting’ Woiee while upcoming Boardhouse artiste Scaacha, shouts out to the ‘Cute Girls’ complimenting the catchy Dancehall riddim in his distinct bass tone, tunes sure to get the ladies moving. Busy Signal says he doesnt do road, him ‘Do Airport’ …Maaad… as the lyrical and versatile Agent Sasco goes hardcore as he speaks his mind in ‘No Leeches’.

Kudos to Boardhouse on this eclectic compilation..keeping Dancehall alive… it nice eeh! PREVIEW BELOW:


Man Guinep – Lady Ali and Agent Sasco
Dutty Cartoon – Assassin
Shopkeeper EDIT – Assassin
Shopkeeper RAW – Assassin
Wifey – Nesbeth
Juggle – RDX
BeetleJuice EDIT – Scaacha
Beetlejuice RAW – Scaacha
Shaggy – A Who

Riverstone – Agent Sasco ft. Quick Cook
No Leeches – Assassin a.k.a. Agent Sasco
Do Airport -Busy Signal
Da Likkle Ting – Lady Ali
Cute Girls – Scaacha
Rolling in The Deep – Adele Remix

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