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Welcome home Busy! Dancehall artiste Busy Signal out of prison

Well-loved Jamaican International Dancehall artiste Busy Signal has been released fom prison.

The artiste was arrested in a high profile and much publicized case, for skipping a pending court case, ten years ago in the United States. Friends and family hoped that he would be dealt with fairly and he surely was, as he was eventually given a six month sentence.

The judge felt that he was indeed a good man based on his otherwise clean history,and the positive impact he had on fans worldwide through his music.

Posted on Busy Signal’s Twitter, were a few pictures of the artiste as he arrived at the airport, with his very attentive Manager, Shane Brown and fellow artiste Elephant Man.

The tweet read, ‘Guess who is back. God is GOOD!’.

and another with his brothers, as his hands were clasped and he looked to the sky, ‘Turf and his brothers reunited! God is good!’

NEW!! Music Video: Dancehall artiste Mr. Lexx ‘Rugu Rugu’

by Natalie Monique

Dancehall artiste Mr. Lexx has released a Music Video for his popular single, ‘Rugu Rugu’.

The visuals are hilarious, a real example of the popular Caribbean phrase, ‘Sometimes you have to take serious ting make joke.’LOL

Mr. Lexx displays his usual gimmicks, using a comedic style to bring across an anti-violence message. The video was directed by Terminal 4 Media…Love it, check it out (below):

NEW!! Jamaican Dancehall artiste Busy Signal pleads guilty to skipping trial in US courts

Times Online sources have reported that Jamaican Dancehall artiste Glendale Goshia Gordon a.k.a Busy Signal admitted to running away from the United States just before he was to stand trial for a pending Drug case.

Busy pleaded guilty to not appearing in court, of which the legal guidelines for this offence is 12 to 18 months in prison. Sources say his lawyer in the US case, Bill Mauzy says he will ask for time served.

Gordon had opted to waive his extradition hearing right in Jamaica and face the courts in the US, after initially pleading ‘not guilty’ of the offence in the Jamaican courts and being denied bail.

A sentencing date has not yet been set for the artiste, who also just a few days ago welcomed his new baby boy Egypt with girlfriend Tunya Palmer.

This is good news for Fans and the Dancehall and Reggae fraternity, who have been expressing their well wishes and continue to hope that all works out in favor of the well loved artiste.