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Welcome home Busy! Dancehall artiste Busy Signal out of prison

Well-loved Jamaican International Dancehall artiste Busy Signal has been released fom prison.

The artiste was arrested in a high profile and much publicized case, for skipping a pending court case, ten years ago in the United States. Friends and family hoped that he would be dealt with fairly and he surely was, as he was eventually given a six month sentence.

The judge felt that he was indeed a good man based on his otherwise clean history,and the positive impact he had on fans worldwide through his music.

Posted on Busy Signal’s Twitter, were a few pictures of the artiste as he arrived at the airport, with his very attentive Manager, Shane Brown and fellow artiste Elephant Man.

The tweet read, ‘Guess who is back. God is GOOD!’.

and another with his brothers, as his hands were clasped and he looked to the sky, ‘Turf and his brothers reunited! God is good!’

CONGRATS to Dancehall artiste Busy Signal on the birth of his son Egypt

by Natalie Monique

International recording artiste Busy Signal and his girlfriend, Model/ Businesswoman Tunya Palmer welcomed their son Egypt-Knight Gordon into the world on July 10th, 2012. A source close to the couple says Egypt was delivered naturally (7lbs 7 ozs) at the Humber River Regional Hospital in Toronto, Canada at 9:12pm.

Busy Signal is currently facing extradition charges in the United States for leaving a pending Narcotics case behind in the United States ten years ago and returning to his island home Jamaica. He was recently arrested at the Norman Manley Airport in Kingston, Jamaica shortly after landing from Europe. After being refused bail in his first court hearing in Jamaica, the singer immediately opted to waive his extradition hearing rights and face the courts in the United States instead.

Busy’s KD Knight led legal team have warned that considering that the entertainer has opted to waive his hearing rights and never admitting that he was apart of a Drug dealing, the United States can only charge him absconding bail, and not the case which was pending at the time. Busy fans, legal team and the Music Fraternity worldwide are being hopeful that all works in his favor, in the defense that he made a bad decision when he was young and is now facing the repercussions.(Via White House Petition for his exoneration)

In a public statement (via FB) since being arrested, he had added, “For my family, you have stood by me through thick and thin and I know you will continue to do so. In my time away, I have made the necessary arrangements with my management team to have you taken care of until my return.” Busy is popular for Dancehall hits songs such as ‘Jamaica,’Do Airport’, ‘Nah go a Jail again’, ‘Pon di Edge’,’Night Shift’ and ‘One More Night.’

UPDATE: Busy Signal has waived his extradition rights, opted to return to the US for trial

Busy Signal has agreed to waive his extradition rights, and has chosen to return to the United States to stand trial for absconding bail.

His lawyer, KD Knight told RJR sources that considering that the entertainer has opted to face extradition, the US governement cannot face the pending drug-related charges, and of so it would be a breach of the Extradition Treaty between the two countries.

Busy Signal made this speedy decision after he was denied bail today in the half Way Tree Resident Magistrate Court in Kingston.

He is expected to return to the United States within the next month, and his next court date will take place in the US.

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