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Papaya leaf juice, a proven remedy for those affected by Chikungunya Virus


I am no Medical Practitioner but sharing is caring:-)

Chikungunya is a rare viral fever caused by an Alphavirus spread by those annoying creatures, called Mosquitoes, and affecting many like a plague worldwide. It has flu-like symptoms such as excessive joint pains, nausea, weakness, body rash and high fever and some people experience nose and gum bleeding.

The term ‘Chikungunya’ is derived from the Makonde word, ‘Kungunyala’ which means ‘that which bends up’. In reference to the stooped posture developed as a result of the symptoms of arthritis from the virus.

Im a stickler for natural remedies and have been hearing alot about drinking the juice of Papaya leaf and even Coconut water to combat the Chikungunya virus, if you have unfortunately been pinched by those annoying mosquitoes…do your own research, and see what will work for you..What is the purpose of Mosquitoes on earth, by the way

So, apparently the use of Papaya leaves was discovered in India from way back to cure both Chikungunya and Dengue Fever, a research has proven Papaya leaves as a cure for Chikungunya within twenty four hours of consumption, and having two leaves within two days should completely cure the virus….

I found other general remedies via various online research, (hence I have not proven these myself), Paracetamol/Panadol to alleviate pain and fever, massages with natural oils, like Garlic with Coconut oil, Castor oil, lots of sweets and fluids for hydration, preferably eating more vegetables, green juices and natural foods during the period to alkalize the body and reduce inflammation…and minimal exercise to keep ur blood flowing and joints active.


Chikungunya is not contagious, so no, you cannot catch it directly from someone..HOWEVER, if a mosquito bites someone who already has it and then bites you, it is almost inevitable that you will catch it as well…again, do your own research, but this is a few of the information I gathered , compiled in laymans terms and thought I would share.

Ughhh, I hate mosquitoes…try to take the necessary precautions to avoid this virus, and though you cannot fully prevent it, as truth is, if a mosquito, virus filled or not wants you, he is gonna have you, lol…heads up to those who have been caught and though painful, be assured it will pass..and as a prevention sidenote, remember mosquitoes cannot breed without water;-)

Natalie Monique