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NEW!! Music Video: Soca artistes JW and Blaze ‘Palance’

by Natalie Monique
Palanceeeeeee!!!! By the way, a little Caribbean lingua for youuuu….

Palance is a word used by Trinidadians to mean Extreme excitement from partying or any other fun-filled gathering
The song was produced by Kernel Roberts. ..the workload too much..we dont care bout the recession….palaaaance..”

Check it out:

NEW!! Video: Rihanna’s debut film, Battleship opens May 18th, 2012

by Natalie Monique
The Action/Adventure movie ‘Battleship’ is based on the actual game ‘Batttleship’, the popular ‘matrix based’ board game, and directed by Peter Berg. Rihanna stars alongside Taylor Kitsch (Friday Night lights) and Alexander Skarsgard (True Blood)

In the film, Rihanna stars as a Petty officer and a Weapons specialist. The story takes place in Hawaii, where a naval fleet is in battle at Pearl Harbor against an alien race, known only as, ‘The Regents’. The aliens come to earth to take over, where they meet upon a challenge from the Navy. Hmm, wonder if this could possibly be where Rihanna got her idea of the ‘Rihanna Navy’ name for her fans….

‘Battleship‘ opens in theaters May 18th, 2012…. Go Riri!!! Check her out… Taking the Caribbean to the worldddd!!!

Behind The Scenes

NEW MUSIC!! Soca Diva Destra and Kerwin Du Bois ‘Baddist’

by Natalie Monique
Boyee, Carnival 2012 is craazy, based on all these hot songs coming out one after the other…check out Destra and Kerwin Du Bois ‘Baddist’.

We jus bad, bad, baaaadddd…take out a rag, fan miiii..check it

Produced by Kerwin Du Bois (Oct 2011)
Written by Destra and Kerwin Du Bois