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Video: OMG! First Lady Michelle Obama ‘turns up’ in carpool Karaoke with Missy Elliot, Beyonce

…Quietttt! Shhh, hush your mouth, silence when I spit it out“…First Lady Michelle Obama sure knows how to get down, and she sure did with Late Night Show host James Corden and Missy Elliot.

The duo rocked out to a few of her favorites, Stevie Wonder, Beyonce and of course Missy Elliot’s ‘Get your freak on”.

Great concept and genius move to help promote Mrs. Obama’s campaign to motivate youth worldwide to get educated and the benefits in being educated.


NEW!! Cayman Islands student is Rhodes Scholarship recipient

by Natalie Monique
23 year old Shmona Simpson, is the new recipient of the highly prestigious Rhodes Scholarship Award for 2012, a first for the Cayman Islands, she surrently holds a BSc in Global Health. (Little history) Before 1976, women were not allowed to apply for this coveted award.

The award was established by and also is named after Cecil Rhodes and is the oldest an international scholarship given to high achievers to pursue studies at the highly accredited Oxford University in London, and possibly the most prestigious too. 83 scholars are selected from Australia, Bermuda, Canada, Germany, India, South Africa region, Hong Kong, Jamaica and Commonwealth Caribbean, Kenya, Pakistan, United States, Zambia and New Zealand.

There is ONE Jamaica Rhodes Scholarship; available only to Jamaican nationals and ONE Commonwealth Caribbean Rhodes Scholarship awarded to candidates from the Caribbean, which may also include a Jamaica student. The criteria for the awards is based on various elements such as Exceptional intellect, Character, Leadership and Comittment to service.

Simpson was announced Caribbean winner at the Government House in Cayman Islands recently. According to Nation News sources, in her response before an audience including Acting Governor General Elliot Belgrave and Chief Justice Marston Gibson, she said,“It’s an achievement, an honor because the candidates this year were of excellent quality. I feel truly humble to have won the scholarship for 2012.”

Caymans ‘model’ student will now join the famed list of persons who have previously received this Award, such as former US president Bill Clinton (1978).

The Caribbean proudly boasts other previous recent Rhode Scholars such as, David Walcott (Jamaica RS, 2011), Luke Foster from Jamaica (Caribbean RS 2011); Alecia Johns (Jamaica, 2010), Kamal Wood, UWI Barbados (Caribbean RS 2010). Congrats to Miss Simpson on her huge accomplishment so fa representing her small island …

Taking the Caribbean to the worldddd in every aspect!!

NEW!! With help from China, each family in Guyana will now have a laptop

by Natalie Monique
Guyana launched a program yesterday, where each Guyanese family would receive a laptop. The drive which is called, ‘One Laptop Per Family’ issued the first 1000 families with Haier notebooks yesterday, with another 4000 to be handed out this week.
The laptops cost in excess of US$1.4 million. (GY$280 million)

Sources say Haier won the bid for the program, and are currently in plans to start up a manufacturing plant in Guyana to assemble computers and other electronics for the Caribbean market. According to the Guyana Times, 57, 000 devices will arrive in the island, and the funds for the remaining 33, 000 have already been finalized from the Chinese government. A total of 90, 000 laptops will be issued by the end of the program.

The criteria for persons allowed to apply was, ‘….single parents, persons with disabled family members, and persons with income of Gy$50,000 and less.’

Guyanese President told sources that, “The goal is not just to get [a] laptop in every home, but to ensure that within three years, every single Guyanese is computer literate….We want to be the most computer literate country in the world.”
He said the country is looking to the Information and Communcation Sector to drive and create wealth into Guyana. The President also encouraged parents to monitor the sites children visit, and for recipients not to sell their devices.

As part of the program, each recipient of a laptop is required to give 30 hrs of training to the other members of the household. This initiative follows the recent move for various public facilities throughout the island to increase their internet connection, due to a fibre optic cable coming in from Brazil, that should be completed they say, by the end of the year.

Amazing…Taking the Caribbean to the world through Technology!!!!