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NEW!! Music Video: Reggae artiste Shaggy ft. Eve ‘ Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’ (Remix)

Shaggy teams up with Eve in colorful, energetic single, ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’.

The Music Video was shot in New York and at a Kingston night club. Check out the Ras Kassa directed Music Video, what do you think?

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NEW!! 12 year old Selah Marley on her budding singing career and modeling debut

by Natalie Monique

Another Kid-Celebrity on the rise to stardom….12 year old Selah, is the daughter of Lauryn Hill and Rohan Marley, son of the legendary Bob Marley.

Selah was photographed by Victor Demarcheller for Teen Vogue magazine, and she sure looked amazing and definitely a ‘mini-me’ of her mother, Hill. In the interview, she spoke how she randomly introduced her interest in modelling to her father, ‘I was in a hotel with my dad, and I was just joking around and said, ‘Oh yeah, Daddy, I want to model…..I don’t know—the camera is just fun.”

She spoke of her many extra-curricular activities outside of school, which involve ‘piano, violin, guitar, basketball, gymnastics and ballet.. and the fact that she still manages to maintain an ‘A’ average, which was highlighted by her Mom. Of her notable musical talent in her family, she said she ‘likes her Mothers music..it is truthful..’ and of her Grandfather, Bob Marley of course, she find shis music soothing.

Selah made sure to express her ‘public love’ for Justin Beiber, (see video below) mentioning she admired his rise to fame, and his cute looks (lol). The bubbly, little diva said the pressure to be ‘another successful Marley’ was very much in existence, she said, “People tell me I have to follow in the footsteps of my mom and grandfather, but it’s a lot of pressure—I can’t really slip up and mess up the name.”
From the looks of things, it seems Lauryn is not taking anything for granted, haha Selah told sources, “One day I was like, ‘Mom, you wanna sign me at Sony?'” Selah recalls. Her mother’s response? “Let me hear your stuff and I’ll think about it.”

We have our eyes on this little Island princess on the rise…it really is scary how much she resembles her mother:) Taking the Caribbean to the worlddd!!

SM2 by jni10

NEW!! Music Video: Dancehall artiste Stacious ft. Belgian artiste Akro ‘Respect’

by Natalie Monique
Dancehall artiste Stacious teamed up in an awesome Reggae collaborating with Belgian Rapper Akro, ‘Respect’. The track from AKro’s album ‘Bleu Electrique.’

The video which was shot on location at the Hope Road Marley Museum in Kingston Jamaica, shows an intro by Rohan Marley, leading into a powerful message between the two entertainers. Akro sings in his native language, giving it a real authentic feel. Real proof that Music is indeed Universal…As Bob Marley sang, ‘When Music hits, you feel no pain’!

Real Cariburban vibe…Another Female Dancehall artiste spreading her wings ….check it out!

VIDEO: Check out another awesome Cariburban collaboration, with The Jolly Boys (Original Jamaican Mento Band), Assassin aka. Agent Sasco and Ms Dynamite giving a rendition of Marley’s ‘One Love’ at the recent Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange in London.

NEW!!! Rihanna ft. Eve ‘Man Down’ Remix

by Natalie Monique

Rihanna has teamed up once again to do a remix for another one of her popular singles, ‘Man Down’. She recently released a collab she did with Britney Spears on her ‘S&M’.

This time with American recording artist and actress Eve ‘The Pitbull in a skirt’ who brings her versatility and freestyles over Rihanna’s lyrics. Word is buzzing that Rihanna may be shooting the Music Video to the song in Jamaica.

Listen below: