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Video/Pics: T&T PM Kamla Bissessar promises to give full account of her trip to India

Trinidad and Tobago PM arrives in Kolkata

by Natalie Monique
Trinidad and Tobago Prime MInister, Kamla Persad-Bissessar recently returned from a 12 day State visit to India, where she was able to accomplish both business and personal ventures. She got the opportunity to visit her ancestral village in Bihar, where she was welcomed by 100,000 villagers in cultural style.

The India Times described the moment, ‘A helicopter carrying Kamla Persad Bissessar, the first woman prime minister of Trinidad and Tobago, descended on a specially constructed helipad near the village in Itarhi block of Buxar district, about 125 km from state capital Patna, amid tight security….The moment she arrived here, there was a roar of applause and cheering from the waiting crowds for the ‘pradhanmantri beti’ or ‘daughter PM’, officials said.’ She was accompanied by a 25-member delegation, including her husband as well as other Trinidadians.

We recently carried a story highlighting her visit, Mrs Persad-Bissessar was greeted in royal, red carpet style in India, arriving in a Jet and other treatment considered by some to be somewhat lavish. Some persons have taken to the internet to voice their mixed feelings on the visit. They are questioning the ‘legitimacy’ of the trip as a State visit, and the ‘possible’ economic repercussions on the Trinidad people.

However speaking with Trinidad Express, when asked about the number of people on the mission to India, the PM said, “My delegation consists of my ministers and their support staff. I am not in a position to say how many delegates accompanied me exactly, but the expenditure for me and my delegates was paid for completely by the Indian government and I am very thankful for that. Apart from my delegation there are other people who have accompanied me on this trip and they have come here at their own cost.”

The Prime Minister has also told TE that a full report will be submitted shortly to the Trinidad Parliament, on the mission and achievements of the trip, the total number of of persons who participated and the total cost. “Each time we travel, we have reported and indicated what we will do, and on our return, we have been accounting to the people through Parliament and media briefings….when Parliament sits, we will continue with good governance measures to report to you all,” In regards to the length of the trip, she highlighted that most of the time was spent travelling, four days for just flight time alone.

Sources say, ‘according to an official record sent by the Trinidad and Tobago government to Bihar, Persad Bissessar’s great-grandfather Ram Lakhan Mishra had left Bhelupur in 1889.’ “She thanked villagers and reminded them of the close relations she shared with them for generations. She recalled that other descendents were living in this village,” and thye say, according to officials, villagers gifted her a chunk of its soil and a silver crown. She also planted five trees — neem, pakad, pipal, ashok and barh near her ancestral home.

Below are a couple photos that were posted on the PM’s Facebook page of her recent feat:

PM arrives in Ancestral village, greeted by 100, 000 villagers

PM returns to Trinidad and is greeted by Trini supporters.

It is reported that about 150 people from Trinidad and Tobago accompanied her on the trip to India, included in her delegation was famous cricketer Brian Lara. He said, “I quite enjoyed this trip as this time I came here not as a cricketer but as an ambassador.” PM Persad-Bissessar said told sources the trip was not about ‘finding her roots’, she said, “Finding one’s roots is a fairly modern concept. If I had to do so I would come here personally by myself like I have done in the past.”

NEW!! Trinidad and Tobago entice Bollywood with hopes of creating deeper Indian ties

Trinidad PM Kamla Persad-Bissessar and her husband are greeted by India’s PM, Manmohan Singh and wife in New Delhi

by Natalie Monique
Trinidad and Tobago Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar in a recent public speech said, “We are looking for market in India. We are offering oil and natural gas and our expertise on the same. India needs LNG (Liquified Natural Gas), they can get more energy from us.”

PM Bissessar spoke at a dinner at the Bengal Chamber in Kolkata, “We are offering several incentives as part of our policy. We want the Bollywood filmmaking industry to go there (Trinidad and Tobago).” The policy will offer any potential Film producer, who chooses to shoot in Trinidad and Tobago, not only exotic and authentic locations but also Pre and Post production facilities and a Rebate program.
Check out clips from the $12m Bollywood film (2010), ‘Dulha Mil Gaya,’ directed by Mudassar Aziz, premiered in 2010, shot in Trinidad and Tobago

Bloomberg Business Week states Trinidad is currently the largest exporter of LNG to the US, though exports have fallen due to rising US shale gas production. Having recently converted from an oil-based economy to becoming natural-gas based. Roughly half of Trinidad’s natural gas production is converted into liquefied gas at a local facility and currently exports to continental United States, Puerto Rico, Spain and Dominican Republic.

Prime Minister Bissessar recently concluded a State Visit to the country. The Hindu sources say, she referred to India as the ‘Grandmother’, (most of the (island’s) population has its origin in India), hence holds a special bond, just as the love between a Grandmother and her grandchildren. She told the Indian communties, “Let your children get education. This is the only passport out of poverty….the only way to lift the nation.” She herself has deep origins there, she visited places such as, Kolkata, a place where most Trinidad ancestors left from, migrating to T&T as indentured servants. She also ‘re-visited’, Bhelepur, Bihar where her family originated, which based on reports seemed to be a bitter-sweet, touching experience for her.

During her trip, after talks with Indian Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh; PM Bissessar signed a series of agreements with India, regarding Education, Air Services, Culture, Traditional medicines, and Agriculture in the hope of marketing Trinidad, to become a worldwide brand. Mrs Persad-Bissessar addressed many issues while abroad, she highlighted in one speech the fact that the beauty of the Diaspora in the Caribbean was its ability to maintain its culture while creating ‘the fabric of a new home’. She mentioned the large Indo-Trinidadian community who maintained the culture through dress, foods, music and ceremonies but also the development of the actual ‘Trinibagonian’ culture.

This is a good look for PM Bissessar on another of her ventures to promote Trinidad and the Caribbean Taking the Caribbean to the worlddddd!!!! She has promised to give a full account of her trip to Parliament shortly, however check out a few pics and video, posted on her Facebook page.

COMMENTARY: Whoa!! They have Fake Apple stores now?

by Natalie Monique

Okay this is craazyy….it is common occurrence to see knock-offs all over, we’ve seen the Fake Louis , Gucci, Louboutins and so on..but how do you seriously have a completely fake Apple establishment?lol

We have even seen replicas of electronics, even if it is merely by design, fake ipods, which turn out to be smaller versions of MP3 players and Iphones and so on.

However, Apple manufacturers now have the task of challenging these ‘Apple inspired’ retail locations popping up everywhere. The Wall Street Journal has reported that in Japan they have created their own ‘Apple’ store.  Employees even wear that same signature royal blue Tee similar to the real Apple employee uniform.

Via The Wall Street Journal, I bumped into an American female blogger living in Kunming, China. She accounted her experience at the Apple store, and says even the employees ‘act’ convinced that they actually work for Apple, scuffling around helping customers wearing the typical Apple ID around their necks.

Sources say though the stores themselves are fake, the items being sold however, are real Apple products. How they managed to do that? Guess that is another story in itself.

The funny thing, I must say is this store actually looks really legitimate..they must have had their architects sit for hours in the store, posing like any regular ‘obsessed’ Apple techie, who never wants to leave the store (not me, lol) and copy every crevice and corner.

If you have even visited one of the actual Apple locations even once, you should see the surprising similarities…look at the furniture and even the winding staircase above. Honestly, as an avid Apple fan..this is quite disturbing, lol..what do you think? I am gone….

UPDATE: They have fake Android stores now too