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NEW!! HAPPY 28th birthday to Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg….read his success story so far

Happy Birthday to an amazing innovator Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg…we wish him continued success!!

NEW YORK/AP – He famously wears a hoodie, jeans and sneakers, and he was born the year Apple introduced the Macintosh. But Mark Zuckerberg is no boy-CEO.

Facebook’s chief executive turned 28 on Monday, setting in motion the social network’s biggest week ever. The company is expected to start selling stock to the public for the first time and begin trading on the Nasdaq Stock Market on Friday. The IPO could value Facebook at nearly $100 billion, making it worth more than such iconic companies as Disney, Ford and Kraft Foods.

At 28, Zuckerberg is exactly half the age of the average S&P 500 CEO, according to executive search firm Spencer Stuart. With eight years on the job, he’s logged more time as leader than the average CEO, whose tenure is a little more than seven years, according to Spencer Stuart. Even so, the pressures of running a public company will undoubtedly take some getting used to. Once Facebook begins selling stock, Zuckerberg will be expected to please a host of new stakeholders, including Wall Street investment firms, hedge funds and pension funds who will pressure him to keep the company growing.

Young as he may seem —especially in that hooded sweatshirt— Zuckerberg will be about the same age as Michael Dell and older than Steve Jobs when those two took their companies, Dell Inc. and Apple Inc., public. In his years as Facebook’s CEO he’s met world leaders, rode a bull in Vietnam while on vacation, started learning Mandarin Chinese and as a personal challenge, wore a tie for the better part of a year.

Facebook, of course, got its start in Zuckerberg’s messy Harvard dorm room in early 2004. Known as Thefacebook.com back in those days, the site was created to help Harvard students — and later other college students — connect with one another online. The scrappy website later grew to include high-schoolers, then anyone else with an Internet connection. Today more than 900 million people log in at least once a month, making Facebook the world’s definitive social network.

All along, Zuckerberg has shown a maturity beyond his years. As the site grew rapidly and caught the eye of big media and rival Internet companies, Zuckerberg consistently rebuffed mouth-watering buyout offers, including from Google Inc. and Yahoo Inc.

“Simply put: we don’t build services to make money; we make money to build better services,” wrote Zuckerberg in his letter to prospective shareholders. “And we think this is a good way to build something. These days I think more and more people want to use services from companies that believe in something beyond simply maximizing profits.”

People who’ve observed Zuckerberg closely say his age is an asset. His is the generation that grew up with social networking, with computers all around them and the Internet as something that’s always existed. Many of his employees are younger than him, as are a lot of the up-and-coming technology entrepreneurs with whom he competes.

“I don’t think you could build a company like this if you were an old guy like me,” says David Kirkpatrick, a 59-year-old author who chronicled the company’s early history in “The Facebook Effect”. Kirkpatrick, who is also founder of Techonomy, a media company that hosts conferences on the relationship between technology and economy and social progress, first met Zuckerberg six years ago. He says he was impressed with his vision, even then. “It’s the willingness to take risks, the willingness to abide by a very contemporary vision … I don’t think that he’s too young. I think most CEOs are too old.”

NEW!! Video: Facebook buys Instagram for $1 billion

by Natalie Monique

It is being reported that Facebook has acquired the latest craze, Photo-sharing application Instagram for $1 billion in a cash and stocks,
the network’s largest acquisition in both price and reach.

Recently Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg had posted on his Facebook page, that there were plans in place to build Instagram independently from Facebook, which would enable users to post on other Social networks and follow users not on Facebook, as well as allow them to opt out of sharing on the network. He added, “Millions of people around the world love the Instagram app and the brand associated with it, and our goal is to help spread this app and brand to even more people.”

Mark Zuckerberg posted today:

Instagram was initially made available for I Phone users, however just last week Android users were able to join the craze, and in only 12 hours CNN says, over 1 million downloads were reported. There have been concerns as to ‘what will now change’ about Instagram, the app that is rapidly becoming a part of everyone’s daily life. However, Instagram developers gave the assurance via their company blog, “It’s important to be clear that Instagram is not going away …we’ll continue to add new features to the product and find new ways to create a better mobile photos experience.”

…but wait, so will Facebook now own your Instagram pics?…Hmmm, we will keep you posted:)

NEW!! Pic: Marc Anthony flaunts pics kissing his new beau…hmmm

by Natalie Monique
So Marc Anthony has shown the world that his ‘new’ love interest is not Jada Pinkett as the world has been buzzing about, but rather, 24 year old Venezuelan model, Shannon De Lima. J Lo and Marc Anthony recently ended their 7 year marriage and the Media as well as streets went crazy, suggesting that it was over a ‘secret’ affair with his on screen love interest, Jada Pinkett, wife of Will Smith.

I mean, dang..they really had some serious steamy chemistry on the 2011 TV series, ‘Hawthorne,’but have no confirmed info about all that other drama about actually being together. By the way, I loved that show alot on TNT, mad they cancelled it:(

But yessssiree, Marc Anthony, 42, ex-husband of Jenny from the block, Jennifer Lopez recently posted a pic on his Facebook of the new lady ‘singing to him’🙂 The pair were looking all ‘lovey dovey’ and thang, he wrote as the caption, ‘Gracias’. Marc also tweeted recently, “A mi @Shadelima mi estatua de libertad. Besos bebe,” he wrote in Spanish, which in English translates: “To Shannon, my statue of liberty. Kisses baby!OUCHIE:)

The vivacious 42 year old, J Lo has been spotted out here and there with her new beau, 24 year old back up dancer, Casper Smart as well, hey…guess they were happy to get on with their lives, lol ….Life is just for living they sayyyyyyyy:)


Check out JLo (She is just so hawttt, just saying) and her boo…. guess Marc Anthony said, I can do that toooooo (lol):

United States Embassy, Barbados launches NEW Facebook Q & A

by Natalie Monique Staff

The United States Embassy, Barbados has decided to take advantage of the benefits of Social Networking, by now making it possible for nationals and visitors to have all their visa queries and information addressed directly through their Facebook page.
The very active Facebook page provides all relevant information in a simple question and answer discussion format. There will be a live discussion led by two consular oficers, held on the page which will take place on April 19th between 2:30 and 3:30pm.

Persons are being encouraged to ‘like’/ join the Facebook page post all questions in advance. Get more info here