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Music Video: British Reggae singer Melissa Steel ft. Popcaan ‘ Kisses For Breakfast’


British Reggae Pop singer Melissa Steel teams up with Dancehall artiste Popcaan in fun, catchy Reggae tune, ‘Kisses For Breakfast’…check out the video below:

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NEW!! Jay Z reveals Beyonce had a previous miscarriage in new song ‘Glory’

by Natalie Monique
Jay Z recently released a song, ‘Glory’, in tribute to his new Princess Blue. The song reveals the struggles he and Beyonce had in having a baby, before the recent birth of Blue Ivy Carter, and was released on Jay Z’s website, LifeAndTimes.com.

In the song, he spoke of ‘False alarms and a line from the song said, “Last time the miscarriage was so tragic, we was afraid you disappeared….the most amazing feeling I feel, Words can’t describe what a feeling, for real, Baby I’ll paint the sky blue, My greatest creation was you.”

Beyonce’s website posted a joint official statement about the birth of their miracle bundle, “Hello, Hello Baby Blue! We are happy to announce the arrival of our beautiful daughter. Her birth was emotional and extremely peaceful, we are in heaven. She was delivered naturally at a healthy 7 lbs and it was the best experience of both of our lives. We are thankful to everyone for all your prayers, well wishes, love and support. Beyonce & JAY Z.”

US Weekly posted a pic of a crib the pair allegedly purchased for Blue (below)

So much for the naysayers, who were constantly hounding the couple about having a baby, being pregnant, faking the pregnancy, and then the ‘alleged meaning’ behind the baby’s name….hmmm

Again, we congratulate Jay and Bey, on finally welcoming their little ‘power baby‘, Blue Ivy Carter🙂

NEW!! Reggae star Buju Banton could walk free due to a supposed violation of rights

by Natalie Monique
According to recent reports, popular, Grammy Award winning Reggae Dancehall artiste Buju Banton could have his case dismissed, due to violation of his rights as the Defendant in the case. The singer was arrested and sentenced to ten years in prison earlier this year, for drug-related charges, after a lengthy trial period. It is now being discovered that the US government may have violated the Speedy Trial Act. In judging speedy trial claims, the US Supreme Court has developed a four-part test that considers the length of the delay, the reasons for the delay, the defendant’s assertion of his right to a speedy trial, and the prejudice to the defendant.

Wikipedia defines the Act as, ‘One of the rights guaranteed by the United States Constitution to defendants in criminal proceedings. The right to a Speedy trial guaranteed by The Sixth Amendment, is intended to ensure that defendants are not subjected to unreasonably lengthy incarceration prior to a fair trial. The length of time can either be defined by statute (vary by states) except murder, or the charges are dismissed by action of law without regard to the merits of the case.’ They add that there are exceptions in cases where the delay is requested by the defendant.

Just last week, Banton’s David Markus led legal team filed an appeal in the Georgia Appeals court claiming violation of this Act. Buju’s first trial took place in Septemeber 2010, which was nine (9) months after his initial arrest. The Jamaica Observer reported that he was convicted after waiting another four months after trial, this being the second delay having been ‘pushed back’ by the Judge, US Magistrate James Moody.

Sources also said on both occasions, Buju’s lawyers had requested a shorter trial filing a motions stating, “Today, on May 28, 2010, the court has again continued the case another 70 days plus until the September trial calendar. No reason has been given for the continuance until September. No findings have been made. Mr Myrie remains incarcerated in the county jail. This is presenting an enormous burden on Mr Myrie, his witnesses, and his counsel. Through this pleading, we demand a speedy trial as required under the act and the constitution.”

Interesting…. We will keep you updated on the development of this. Since his arrest, multitudes of Buju fans across the globe and fellow artistes continue to express their hopes of seeing the Artiste walk free again, as is evident on the various Social networks, and campaigns set up in his support.

NEW!! International Dancehall artiste Assassin set to release brand new 2012 Mixtape

by Natalie Monique
Dancehall’s top performer Assassin aka. Agent Sasco, is set to release a brand, new mixtape in 2012, ‘RIVER STONE Buss Dem Head 2012,’ January 17th.

Fans will be able to get a compilation of songs from one of Jamaica’s leading Dancehall acts, including his hit singles currently storming the radio waves and Dancehalls, as well as tracks, not released as yet, produced on real original Dancehall riddims.

The Boardhouse Records artiste, Assassin is known for his deep, thought provoking lyrics, hit after hit, a true Dancehall class act and energetic, engaging performer on stages locally in his island home Jamaica, the rest of Caribbean region, United States and Europe.

From the preview, its looking like the Mixtape will offer crazy energy throughout and powerful lyrics getting fans in the true Dancehall vibe… looking like Sasco has even bigger and better things set for the New Year Dancehall nice again…Check it out!

A Vybz Kartel song allegedly praising Oral sex causing much controversy

by Natalie Monique Staff
Dancehall lovers are in shock at a recently released ‘remix’ of one of the highly controversial Jamaican Dancehall entertainer Vybz Kartel song, highlighting the oral sex act.

Shortly after the recent release of Vybz song, ‘Come ya nuh mi gal’, a song in Kartel’s voice on the same riddim, has now surfaced on You Tube entitled ‘Yu p****y’ that praises oral sex, and we know in the Jamaican Dancehall world that is still a very taboo topic.

All over the various Social networks and Dancehall forums, the public are making remarks of shock at Kartel’s ‘alleged’ bravery in voicing this sexual act. Kartel recently released a song, ‘Come ya nuh mi gal’ on the same riddim.

Kartel is known for his ‘attention-grabbing’ shocking moves, controversial and provocative lyrics….however, the popular Deejay in response to this tweeted saying, ‘the song was spliced’ and the words to ‘Come ya nuh mi gal’ was switched up…those tweets have now been removed, however he told The Jamaica Star he was being set up…Publicity, confession or splice…what do you think?

Listen below: