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Today the island of Dominica ‘Nature Isle of the Caribbean’ celebrates its 34th year as an Independent state. On November 3rd, 1978, the Commonwealth of Dominica was granted Independence from the United Kingdom.

Even before gaining Independence, November 3rd was recognized as, Discovery Day’, the day when Christopher Columbus discovered the island back in 1493.

As local Dominicans and in the Diaspora celebrate this milestone worldwide, we wish them a day of….continued beauty, forward thinking, fun, frolic and safety;)

NEW!! Trinis To the Bone: Celebrate Trinidad and Tobago 50th Independence with ‘REP YOUR COLORS’ campaign

by Natalie Monique

Celebrity NYC based, Trinidadian Fashion designer Winston Jack, former designer for top celebrity brands such as Jay Z’s Rocawear Clothing line has launched his Limited Collectors Campaign, ‘Rep Your Colors’ campaign in commemoration of Trinidad and Tobago’s 50th Independence Anniversary.

This year T&T will be celebrating 50 years since becoming an Independent island from Great Britain in 1962, and Color Heritage, clothing line owned by Jack will be encouraging patriotism through providing authentic flag color collectors items.

If you were born in Trinidad or Tobago, of Trini heritage or just a lover of the spicy island’s ‘livity’, you can show your pride by securing (Pre-order) your very own Trinibago Tee and more from now, to join in this huge celebration.

Rep Your Red, Black and White!!!!