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NEW!! Video: I- Wayne releases brand, new Music video for ‘Drug and Rum Vibes’

by Natalie Monique

International Reggae artiste I- Wayne recently released the official Music Video for his thought provoking single, ‘Drug and Rum Vibes’ from his latest album, Life Teachings.

In the tune, I-Wayne blazes fire on (hits out against) negative societal issues occurring, ranging from Skin bleaching to Politics, encouraging positivity and morality.

The Ras Tingle directed Video, contrasted energetic, colorful shots with Black/White and Sepia images using fluid shots, displaying the many things he considers negative. I-Wayne ‘stands out’ in each shot as that positive Messenger, ‘burning fire’ on the everyday immoralities he is observing.

Love this Video to an already powerful song…Kudos on an awesome Prouction coming out of the Islands!!

‘…people crying for the Lord, yard and abroad, cause the system is a fraud…’ Check it out:

Watch: Assassin aka. Agent Sasco and I_Wayne vibing while creating the ‘Fire Song’.

Jamaica Jazz and Blues 2012 kicks off this weekend, January 26th-28th, 2012

The 16th Annual Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival takes place this weekend, Thursday, January 26th – Saturday, January 28th, 2012 at the Greenfield Stadium, Trelawny, Jamaica. Each year the show, one of the Caribbean’s largest Music Festivals, attracts thousands of patrons from all over the world, delivering a weekend of Culture, Music, Food and rich, quality Entertainment.

The weekend will feature a slew of local and international artistes, headlined by Musical Soul legend, Celine Dion. This years festival marks the celebration of Jamaica’s 50th Independence (Jamaica gained Independence from Great Britain, August 6, 1962) , and the first night will be dedicated to the festivities.

This year also sees new producers of the show, Art of Music Productions ( AMP), spearheaded by Stephen Dear, with Walter Elmore remaining the Executive Producer of the prestigious event.
Check out the line up below:

Thursday, January 26th (Celebrating Jamaica’s 50th )

Christopher Martin
Assassin aka. Agent Sasco
John Holt
Marcia Griffiths
Ky-Mani Marley
Half Pint
George Nooks
Pluto Shervington
Byron Lee and the Dragonnaires
AJ Brown
Marcia Barrett
Derrick Morgan
Lloyd Parkes and the We The People Band
Mykal Rose

Friday, January 27th

Celine Dion
Richie Stephens and Gentleman
Jully Black
Tami and Tessanne Chin
Nicole Henry

Saturday, January 28th
Cee Lo Green
Damian Marley
The Temptations
Heads of State
Earl Klugh

Breaking News!! Jamaica’s Opposition Party PNP wins Government Elections

by Natalie Monique

Over 1.6 million electors took to the polls yesterday and Jamaica’s People’s National Party, led by Honorable Portia Simpson-Miller has triumphed over the ruling Jamaica Labor Party in Jamaica’s Political Elections. The last General Elections were held in 2007, when the Jamaica Labor Party had won

Only recently and before the end of his actual term, former Prime Minister Bruce Golding stepped down, passing on the baton to Jamaica’s youngest ever Prime Minister, Andrew Holness, 39; and the third shortest-serving Prime Minister in history.

Wikipedia lists Australian PM, Francis Michael Forde, as the shortest serving Prime Minister in history, having served for a mere eight days. Prime Minister Donald Sangster was the shortest-serving Prime Minister in Jamaica (48 days) , and Holness (roughly 63 days).. After being sworn in on February 22nd, 1967, it was reported that Sangster suffered from a sub-arachnoid haemorrhage, was later flown to Montreal, where he later died on April 11.

Definitely a huge victory in this preliminary count, 41 (PNP) -22 (JLP) The final count will take place tommorrow…….it must be highlighted how peaceful these elections went by. This was a concern for many, considering the election was called in the middle of the holiday season.

We hope Jamaicans will continue to keep the Peace and recognize that a change begins with YOU, a change begins with all of us…once we acknowledge that..then ultimate change is inevitable….Blessings and in the legendary Bob Marley’s words..One Love! Watch Marley Peace Concert

NEW!! Jamaica’s youngest leader Andrew Holness has just been sworn in as Jamaica’s 9th Prime Minister

by Natalie Monique
Andrew Holness has just minutes been sworn in as Jamaica’s new Primie Minister. He takes over the position from JLP party leader, Bruce Golding, who recently gave up office, during his reign as Prime Minister.

Holness, 39 years old, is the youngest person to hold this office in Jamaica, and the island’s ninth Prime Minister. He will not be able to enjoy the celebratory phase of being elected as Prime Minister as is the usual process, because Holness is taking over right in the middle of the political woes currently being experienced in Jamaica.

In a recent Press Release from the Jamaica House, Jamaica Observer sources said, the former Prime Minister noted that ‘the Government had overcome significant challenges over the last four years but emphasised that much remains to be done to accelerate the pace of economic recovery in order to be able to tackle the country’s urgent social needs.’ He continued, ‘…the Government had overcome significant challenges over the last four years but emphasised that much remains to be done to accelerate the pace of economic recovery in order to be able to tackle the country’s urgent social needs.’

According to sources, Golding assured the party, “In the next two months, I will be 64, I feel it is time for me and people like me to make way and allow a new crop of leaders to step forward and unleash their energies and creativity.”

Mr Holness has alot of work ahead of him, and we wish him all the best carrying on this huge responsibility.

Bob Marley Peace Concert 1978: Uniting heads of Political parties in Jamaica

Bob Marley sought to bring together the two rivalling political leaders at a time when Jamaica was experiencing exreme political violence and discord..in his own words>>>

One Love!!!

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