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NEW! Video: Kanye makes debut appearance on next episode of ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’

Sooooo, Kanye is making his debut appearance on the next episode of ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’🙂

Check out a sneak peek as he meets up with his new belle Kim Kardashian, as she gets dressed with her sisters, before they all leave for Scott’s restaurant opening. This was before they started seriously dating.

Too cute…was Kanye blushing??? haha;)

NEW! Pics: Rihanna strengthens up to say her last goodbye at her Grandmother’s funeral

Rihanna has been mourning the recent loss of her Grandmother, who she affectionately calls, Gran Gran Dolly.

She had been battling with Cancer and sadly passed away. This has affected the island gem in magnitude, as she has cancelled a few shows and taken to Social Media outlets, Twitter and Instagram to post frequent pics in memory of her Grandmother and posting very emotional comments, expressing her pain. Recently she tweeted: #Dry Cry (A line from Jamaican Reggae star Sizzla’s song) and posted the pic above.

See pics below of the usual free-spirited Rihanna clearly in pain as she heads to the funeral.(Photos/RihannaFanClub FB) We pray for strength for Rihanna and her family during this time of bereavement. Heads Up Riri

NEW!! PHOTOS: Rihanna posts risque pics dropping singles at a Strip Club

by Natalie Monique

Hmmm, Rihanna will be Rihanna…is all …her newfound Instagram craze seems to be getting wilder and wilder…

Rihanna Navy (fans) know of late Riri has been putting the Paparazzi out of business and on go slow, as she has joined the Instagram addicts, and keeps fans updated on her own, with live up to the minute photo accounts of her life.

The island Diva has been posting pics on her Twitter and Facebook, with no bars held..check out her latest ‘escapade’…oh boyeee
Warning: May contain graphic content

Check out a few more of her recent ‘self paps’:

Rihanna and bff

Going back to black hair

Speaking of paps, she posted on a Rihanna Fanpage was this pic and captioned, ‘Me Hijacking the paps’: