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New!! The Natalie Monique™ Show Live Coming Soon


Live Call-in talk show, hosted by the effervescent, blunt yet charming, Natalie Monique™.  Broadcasted live weekly

on a screen near you. (To be announced)

Various thought provoking, controversial topics ranging from Relationships, Music, News, Fashion, Health, Tech to Politics.

Here we also introduce new/upcoming talent in various career fields, inspiring/new ventures, trending and breaking news, latest music, beats and videos shown….easy, laid back yet energetic atmosphere Caribbean vibe with urban influence…some call it crossover, we call it the REAL Cariburban style!

Taking the Caribbean to the world, we’re not just known for our beautiful islands, but its amazingly, multi-talented people. We are everything NEW…and feel free to contact us with anything quality, relating to the Caribbean and otherwise, deserving exposure.

The vibe is not straight Caribbean, American, European or anywhere else, it is a seamless, classy blend….a little of everything, resulting in ALOT! New season begins soon.. STAY TUNED!

If you have a show topic you would love to have discussed OR you or someone you know have an interesting venture/talent to share as a guest on the show…let us know!


NEW!! Barbados Reggae Festival climaxes with ‘Digicel Reggae on the Hill’ TONIGHT

by Natalie Monique

The Barbados Reggae Festival comes to an end tonight with the huge Digicel Reggae on the Hill.

The Bajan Reggae Nightlast night hosted by Hardmout Bling and Bajan Fari, featured top local acts such as Biggie Irie, Lil Rick, Peter Ram, Crimeson, Hotta Flames, Buggy Nhakente…and was also streamed live online, allowing those unable to make it to experience some of Barbados’ best entertainers.

The Digicel sponsored festival went underway April 22nd with the Kick Off Beach Party, April 27th, Vintage Reggae Show and Dance, April 28th, Bajan Reggae Night and ends tonight Sunday, April 29th, 2012 with the huge ‘Digicel Reggae on the Hill’ , featuring a host of Reggae and Dancehall celebrities, such as Third World, Chris Martin, Konshens, Capleton, Jah Cure, Tanya Stephens and more….Taking Reggae to the world!!!!

NEW!! Official Music Video: Dancehall Artiste Potential Kidd popular ‘Yah Suh Nice’ creating controversy

by Natalie Monique

Rising Dancehall artiste Potential Kidd has gained extreme popularity from his hot tune, ‘Yah Suh Nice’, one of Dancehall’s hot tunes out now, produced by Natral Enterprise. The the catchy title has also rapidly become the latest ‘talk’…and now, the official Music Video has been released, directed by Di Rawtid Yute.

The energetic, somewhat comedic Potential Kidd is from the inner city community of Trench Town in Kingston Jamaica, the place where Bob Marley spent years of his life and gave reference to in many of his songs. The term ‘Yah Suh Nice’ can be heard all over Jamaica and spreading globally, and in general is used to describe something enjoyable or bring attention to something worth talking about.

The song has not been enjoying success, without stark criticism however….

Recently Caribbean Telecommunications Giants LIME, dropped Potential Kidd from their already established ‘Yah Suh Nice’ Boys and Girls Athletic Championship campaign, where the theme being used was ‘Yah Suh Nice. After careful review, (though many have asked why ‘after’ the fact) their reason being the lyrics and suggestive tone of the song was inappropriate…

LIME released a statement saying the song promoted violence against women and condemning homosexuality. RJR News says LIME Jamaica’s Managing Director, Garry Sinclair confirmed that the artiste had been replaced in the promotion and that the company wanted artistes to express themselves freely but responsibly. Also adding, that the company does not endorse or support any idea or sentiment that promotes unlawful or anti-social behaviour. Hmmm

‘It nice eeh, how it nice suh…’ What is he really referring to? Hmm, you decide, haha Check it out:

NEW!! International Dancehall artiste Assassin set to release brand new 2012 Mixtape

by Natalie Monique
Dancehall’s top performer Assassin aka. Agent Sasco, is set to release a brand, new mixtape in 2012, ‘RIVER STONE Buss Dem Head 2012,’ January 17th.

Fans will be able to get a compilation of songs from one of Jamaica’s leading Dancehall acts, including his hit singles currently storming the radio waves and Dancehalls, as well as tracks, not released as yet, produced on real original Dancehall riddims.

The Boardhouse Records artiste, Assassin is known for his deep, thought provoking lyrics, hit after hit, a true Dancehall class act and energetic, engaging performer on stages locally in his island home Jamaica, the rest of Caribbean region, United States and Europe.

From the preview, its looking like the Mixtape will offer crazy energy throughout and powerful lyrics getting fans in the true Dancehall vibe… looking like Sasco has even bigger and better things set for the New Year Dancehall nice again…Check it out!

NEW!! Digicel, Caribbean Telecom leader in bid for African network

by Natalie Monique

Digicel operates mobile networks in the Caribbean region, are also highly involved in Sponsorship and Charity initiatives throughout the region, and is owned by Irish businessman, Denis O’Brien.

Now an active giant in the Telecommunications Industry, having already established a leader position in the Caribbean, Digicel now has eyes on the African market. Sources say, Africa is considered to be a potentially attractive market for Telecommunication operators, once offering ‘reliable and widespread low cost mobile service.’

Digical is part of a federation of organizations, ‘proposing to pay $270 million (€204 million) for a majority stake in LAP GreenN, a mobile network owned by a Libyan state investment fund set up by former dictator Col Muammar Gadafy.’

Sources also stated that a British Consultancy owned company, Centamon and Demco, a Greek investment company, recently purchased sixty-five (65) per cent in LAP GreenN and asked Digicel to run the business. It was not mentioned how much Digicel will own however. The deal ithey say must be approved by UN Security Council and the European Union.

Digicel managed to succesfully conquer the Caribbean market, becoming extremely popular within only their first year of operation in Jamaica, where the company was first launched in April 2001. They now boast over 11 million customers across markets in the Caribbean, Central America and the Pacific, and growing, providing employment for almost six thousand persons.

This should be a good look for Africa and the Caribbean region on a whole…We will see how it fairs out…Taking the Caribbean to the world!!!

NEW!! The 9th Annual International Soca Awards takes place this weekend in NYC

by Natalie Monique
This Saturday is D-Day…..,the huge Annual International Soca Awards takes place in the Big Apple, New York City, November 26th, 2011.

The public still has a chance to VOTE for your favorite Soca artiste in the twenty five categories and also get information on the six honoree awards that will be given.

Voting is based on recordings between June 1st, 2010 and May 31st, 2011. The competition looks very interesting this year, with Machel and Kes topping nominations so far. Last year the Soca Song of the Year was JW and Blaze ‘Palance’, and overall Artistes of the Year were Machel Montano and Buffy

Rihanna, Machel Montano, Kes and Mavado have been nominated in the Soul Train Awards..Read More

Check the complete 2011 list below:

Best New Female Soca Artist

Fire Empress -No Money No Wuk

Frenchy-Close Your Eyes

Megan Walrond-Posse

Celeste David- Like So Like So

K.O. Chicks-I’ve Got It

Best New Male Soca Artist

Jahmoun Mendoza “Digital Bumper”

Maddzart “King Road”

Yankey Boy “Head Nice”

Gregory Ayuen “Outta Control”

Neubla868 “Confidence”

Orlando Octave “Pump It Up”

Soca Duo or Group of the Year

JW & Blaze “And Iz Dat”

3 Canal “Run Di Riddim”

3 Suns “Ready”

Luni Sparks & Electrify “Got Energy”

Zuki & Tim Tim “Do Wah Yuh Want”“

Soca Song Writer of the Year

Skinny Fabulous

Fay Ann Lyons

Kerwin Du Bois

Jason ‘Shaft’ Bishop

Kernal Roberts

Best Soca Collaboration of the Year

Destra & Super Jigga TC “Feel To Wine”

Kes The Band & Kerwin Du Bois “Ah Ting”

Yankey Boy & Patch “Head Nice”

Tall Pree ft Nadia Batson “Lighters”

Skinny Fabulous ft Machel Montano “Charge Up”

International Soca DJ of the year

Dr Jay

DJ Stephen

Soca Twins

DJ Spice

Little Bee

Soca Artist Album/ CD of the Year

Nadia Batson ‘Miss B’

Kes The Band ‘Wotless’

Machel Montano ‘The Returned’

Benji ‘Ah Iz A Trini’

Best Soca Compilation Album/CD of the Year

Soca Box 2011

Best of the Best Soca & Grooves 11

Soca Gold 2011

Soca Dons & Divas

Best Soca Compilation Rhythm

Flag Shipo Riddim

Electro Lights Riddim

Condem Riddim

Radical Riddim

Honey Riddim

Swahili Riddim

Best Groove Soca – Female

Destra “Cool It Down”

Patrice Roberts “Give Him (Bam Bam)”

Denise Belfon “Dance & Dingolay”

Fay Ann Lyons “Pressure”

Alison Hinds “Soca Queen”

Best Groove Soca – Male

Blaxx “Carnival Jumbie”

Machel Montano “Bend Over”

Cassi “Town Ting”

Benjai “Trini”

Kes “Wotless”

Lil’ Rick “Go Dung”

Best up Tempo Soca Female

Faye-Ann Lyons “Consider It Done”

Destra Garcia “Welcome Back”

Nadia Batson “My Time”

Patrice Roberts “Wave It Away”

Michelle Xavier “Fettin’ For Days”

Best up Tempo Soca Male

Iwer George “Come To Meh”

Busy Signal “Get Outta My Way”

Machel Montano “Advantage”

Maddzart “King Road”

Otis “Tornado”

Soca Song of the Year

Kes “Wotless”

Destra “Cool It Down”

Benjai “Trini”

Machel Montano “Advantage”

Otis “Tornado”

Cassi “Town Ting”

Favorite Soca Info Website






Over All Soca Band of the Year

Roy Cape All Stars

Machel Montano HD

Kes The Band


Red Hot flames

Soca Producer of the Year

De Red Boyz (“Cool It Down,” “Flirt,” “Look Fuh Meh”)

Penn & Ace (“Get Outta My Way,” “Consider it Done,” “Me Alone”)

Kernal Roberts (“Tornado,” “Give Him (Bam Bam),” “Hard Wuk”)

Kerwin Du Bois (“Ah Ting,” “Wotless,” “Illegal”)

Best Soca Music Video

Kes (“Wotless”) Walt Lovelace/Kes Dieffenthaller

Machel Montano HD (“Advantage”) Leroy ‘Gotti’ Thomas MM.HD

Farmer Nappy(“Flirt) Katrina Chandler

Chucky (“My Bad Thing”) Kern Rose

Shal Marshal & Super Jigga TC(“Whole Day/Speaker Box”) Peter C Lewis

Best Soca Chutney Music Video

Rikki Jai(“White Oak and Water”) Ravin Ramkissoon

KI (“No More Rum Again”) Kern Rose

SW Storm (“Bye De Bar”) H2H Production

Soca Elvis(“Why You Leave Me Darlin”) Trinwood Flms

Ravi B ft Skinny Fabulous(“Cya Come Remix”) Rayeed Mohammed

Over All Soca Chutney Band of the Year

Dil E Nadan




JMC 3Veni

Soca Chutney Song of the Year

“White Oak & Water” Rikki Jai

“Cya Come” Ravi B

“Ah Should Never” Rick Ramoutar

“Tanty Man” Hunter

“No More Rum Again” KI

Favorite Soca Online Radio





Best DJ/Radio Host Soca Artist (DJ’s/Radio Host that sings)
(DJis/Radio Host that sings)

‘Lil’Rick “Go Dung”

JW & Blaze “And Iz Dat”

Jahmoun Mendoza “Digital Bumper”

Super Jigga TC “Speaker Boxx”

Shal Marshal ”Whole Day”

Best Radio Soca DJ of the Year (TNT Special)

Dr Ross Vibe CT 105 FM

Was Vibe CT 105 FM

Marlon Mr Music Soca 919 FM

Sean Bowen Sweet 100.1 FM

Universal Yung Gunz Sound/Kg Wack Radio

Best Soca Pan Song (TNT Special)

Edwin Pouchet (Composer) & Alvin Daniel (Lyrics) “It’s Showtime”

Len ‘Boogsie’ Sharpe(Composer) & Gregory Ballantyne (Lyrics) “Do Something For Pan”

Ken ‘Professor’ Philmore & Mark Loquan(Composer) & Destra Garcia (Lyrics) “Calling Meh”

Winston Scarborough (Composer & Lyrics) “A Raging Storm”

Arddin Hurbert(Composer) & Ronald ‘Rambunction’ Yearwood (Lyrics) “Doh Be On Dat”


SAO President’s Award, The Colin Jackman’s Award: Winston “Gypsy” Peters

SAO Life Time Achievement Award: Errol Ince

SAO Hall Of Fame Award: Austin ‘Super Blue’ Lyons

SAO Legend Award: Anthony ‘All Rounder’ Hendrickson, Anthony ‘Mighty Gabby’ Carter

SAO Trustees Award: Charlie’s Roots, Shandileer, Sound Revolution, Fire Flight, Blue Ventures, Byron Lee & The Dragonaires

SAO Technical Award: Frank Martineau, Cliff Harris, Roy Maharaj, Randy Glasgow

Caribbean artistes Rihanna, Machel Montano and Kes have been nominated for the Caribbean category in Soul Train Awards! Check it out