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Video: Dancehall artiste Natalie Storm goes global with A-Trak & Zinc in ‘Like A Dancefloor’

by Natalie Monique

Jamaican female artiste Natalie Storm is making international moves.

Check her out in A-Trak and DJ Zinc’s latest Dance tune, ‘Like A Dancefloor’. The original single, ‘Stingray’ is remade with Dancehall flavor.

The Music Video was filmed during Notting Hill Carnival in London, and directed by Charlie & Joe of Forever Pictures.

Another Cariburban Move! Love the versatility Storm…taking Dancehall to the worlddddd!!

Check out the vid (below):

Music Video: No Doubt ft. Busy Signal, Major Lazer ‘Push and Shove’

Recently Multi-platinum Award winning group, No Doubt teamed up with Dancehall Ambassadors Major Lazer and Dancehall/Reggae artiste Busy Signal, in ‘Push and Shove’.

‘Push and Shove’ is the title track for their newly released sixth studio album, titled the same. In a Q&A posted on No Doubt’s Facebook Page, they spoke about how the collaboration came about…see excerpt below:

Q: You teamed up with Major Lazer on the album’s title track. How did that come about?

Tony: It’s the only collaboration that we did outside of the band. We were fans of Diplo and Switch [Major Lazer] before we started writing the record. We were about a year into writing when they sent us the idea for what would become “Push And Shove.” It was something they’d done in Jamaica with an artist named Busy Signal and it was this really cool, inspiring start of a song. We all heard it and were just like, “This is amazing. This is going to be a great thing to work on together.”

Gwen: The lyrics that Busy Signal had written were all about being a hustler in Jamaica. I was like, “Okay, how does this relate to my life? Let’s see. Mom of two . . .” Because I like to write from my heart about what’s going on at the time. I had a moment where we were sitting on the couch and I realized, “I know what this means for me.” It ended up being the chorus to “Push And Shove.” We chose it as the title because making the album was a lot of pushing and shoving, just trying to find time, and trying to make it happen.

LOVE the Cariburban vibe…Check out the video:

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