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NEW! Music Video: Soul sensation Polly A. incorporates her island roots in latest video ‘Nature’


The multi-faceted, soulful, artsy Milwaukee native of Jamaican parentage, Meleni Smith, who now goes by the name Polly A., has again graced us with yet another catchy, thought-provoking, visually appealing number.

She recently released the video to her single, ‘Nature’ which tells the story of sometimes unstable, inconsistent relationships and plays on the lame ‘excuses’ that are often heard, which many may be able to relate to.

Polly A is known for her song, ‘Happy’ on the soundtrack of the Will Smith movie ‘Hitch, she has also co-composed ‘Love Is My Disease’ for popular R&B artist Alicia Keys.

Smith also boasts credit for being a 2013 Soul Train Music Awards nominee for Record of the Year, for J.Cole’s song ‘Crooked Smile’.

The ‘Nature’ video plays on Words, Art and throwback, edgy Fashion topped off with a display of her raspy, soulful vocal prowess, skilfully coined lyrics and beat by beat energy… We are loving the creativity and unique vibe in this one! Check it out below:

Study: Men with multiple sex partners have a Mental illness ‘Nuff Gyal Syndrome’

by Natalie Monique

I remember reading an article sometime ago whereby, after the launch of a mental health campaign in Kingston, Jamaica, leading Jamaican Psychiatrist, Dr. Frederick Hickling said, Jamaican men have a ‘completely wrong perception about polygamy.

Hickling went on further to clamp down on the frequent associations Jamaican men make between themselves and African Ancestors, using their polygamic lifestyle as an ‘excuse for transgression.’

He noted that this ‘behavior’ is being condoned in Jamaican society, especially in the lyrics of many Caribbean songs however pointing out that women are also guilty of this form of transgression.

The study showed that there is a thin line between ‘mere abnormality and a mental disorder’, the disease he refers to as ’nuff gyal syndrome’, nuff gyal from a line from popular song (see below) by Deejay Beenie Man.

What are your thoughts?:) lol