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Breaking News! Several persons stabbed in major Subway station in Jamaica, Queens, New York

It has been reported that there has been a stabbing incident in the Subway platform by the Jamaica Center in Queens, New York.

CBS says seven persons have been injured and taken to the hospital, their conditions not deemed life threatening. The E and J trains are presently bypassing the Sutphin Blvd/Archer by the Jamaica stop.

A woman has been taken into custody regarding the incident which took plce around 8: 45am.

As soon as we get further details, will keep you posted.

Video: 9/11 attacks..was a day like today…eleven years still feels like yesterday

by Natalie Monique

Remembering the thosands of lives lost and prayers for strength to all who lost loved ones on that unfortunate day, September 11, 2001.

It was a day like today, eleven years ago….where everyone was going about their personal business, and the rest suddenly became history in a matter of seconds…the world stood still.

Shout out to to the brave souls who helped and are still helping to bring back New York City and the United States on a whole, to normalcy. The entire world has been greatly affected by this tragic, evil act.

In May 2011, the reported perpetrator responsible for the attack, Osama Bin Laden was brought down and killed by the United States under the Obama led Administration.

Lets remain positive, and always remember to honor those who are willing to put their lives on the line to protect their country…May God continue to bless America …United We Stand

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NEW!!Dancehall artiste Baby Cham ‘Wine’ Music Video {Teaser}

by Natalie Monique
For all who have been asking where in the world is Baby Cham, well….the veteran Grammy-nominated, Dancehall artiste Dameon Beckett aka. Baby Cham or Cham, recently shot a Music Video for his new tune, ‘Wine’.

Dancehall Reggae fans and especially the ladies, will be happy to see something new from this artiste, who was once very popular for original hot Dancehall tunes such as, ‘Ghetto Story‘ ft Alicia Keys, ‘Vitamin S’, (I love this soong, lol), ‘Tables will turn‘ and ‘Run Dem’ with Foxy Brown, ‘Another Level’ with Bounty Killer and Mims ‘This is why Im hot’ remix with Junior Reid.

Glad to see Cham in the light again, the video seems to deliver exactly what the song title suggests Female bodies gyrating in all positions, Wining as we call it in the Caribbeanhaha…..’Wine’ was produced by Cash Flow Records, will def post the full video once we get a hold of it….In the meantime, check out the Behind The Scenes and teaser:

NEW!! Music Video: Hip Hop artiste Common releases new video shot in Haiti ‘Sweet’

by Natalie Monique

Common’s new single ‘Sweet’ from his album, The Dreamer/The Believer to be released December 20. The video was filmed over four days, in the gritty streets of Haiti, where himself and talented Haitian-American Director, Phillipe Scaglietti aka. Phil The God captured the beauty of the island despite the damage fom the recent devastating earthquake that ravished the island back in 2010.

Behind The Scenes

One may ask, Why Haiti? and Why this deep, thought provoking song? Well, the prolific writer/musician told MTV sources: “When I started ‘Sweet,’ as soon as I started talking on it, I was like, ‘Yo, this is hip-hop, this is what I do…It was a lot I had to get off my chest on that. And at the same token, I love hip-hop music and raw rap music, for me it was like, ‘Man, I’m gonna go ahead and give them this side of me too.’ ” He went on to explain, “The great thing about hip-hop, you definitely get motivated by other hip-hop artists…You get in the ring and you’ll be like, ‘Let’s go,’ but for me, it’s like, I’m talking to whoever feels it, whoever when they hear it, they’re like, ‘Ooh, is that person talking about me?’ ”

Sources say Common used the popularity of this fresh video, to raise funds for the Disaster ridden island. He previously live streamed a sneak peek of the video, where fans would have to first pay $1 to view it. The proceeds they say were in aid of the Sean Penn led J’P Haitian Relief Organization.

Can we say SWEEEET (Pun Intended), taking the Caribbean to the world through Music… not sure about the extremely ‘colorful’ lyrics though, lol but love this move by Common…happy for the Island love:)! Check out the video below, what are your thoughts?

WARNING: Very explicit lyrics