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WATCH [19 mins]: Popular African Actor Eddie Watson directs touching, informative Ebola Short film/Documentary

Ebola Documentary

Popular African Actor Eddie Watson recently released a very thought provoking and informative Documentary (See below) on the current Ebola virus which has been spreading like a plague, in parts of West Africa and there have also been three reported cases within the United States.

Watson says the aim of the production is to create awareness about the symptoms and impact of the highly communicable Ebola virus, and how its spread may be prevented.

Watson is the Director and Executive Producer of the film, and also plays the role of lead actor. Supporting actors include Yvonne Nelson, Sarkodie, Chase, Naomi Watson. The film shows how Ebola affected the everyday lives of two very close brothers, one brother (Eddie Watson) a supposed Corporate businessman.
PS. I love the fact that the film is directed by someone who is actually connected with the place of origin of this virus.

Watch below and PLEASE SHARE:[WARNING: The first two (2) minutes of the production is extremely graphic, showing actual images of persons suffering from Ebola. Start watching from 2:10 mins if you may find it offensive.

NEW!! Trinidad and Tobago entice Bollywood with hopes of creating deeper Indian ties

Trinidad PM Kamla Persad-Bissessar and her husband are greeted by India’s PM, Manmohan Singh and wife in New Delhi

by Natalie Monique
Trinidad and Tobago Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar in a recent public speech said, “We are looking for market in India. We are offering oil and natural gas and our expertise on the same. India needs LNG (Liquified Natural Gas), they can get more energy from us.”

PM Bissessar spoke at a dinner at the Bengal Chamber in Kolkata, “We are offering several incentives as part of our policy. We want the Bollywood filmmaking industry to go there (Trinidad and Tobago).” The policy will offer any potential Film producer, who chooses to shoot in Trinidad and Tobago, not only exotic and authentic locations but also Pre and Post production facilities and a Rebate program.
Check out clips from the $12m Bollywood film (2010), ‘Dulha Mil Gaya,’ directed by Mudassar Aziz, premiered in 2010, shot in Trinidad and Tobago

Bloomberg Business Week states Trinidad is currently the largest exporter of LNG to the US, though exports have fallen due to rising US shale gas production. Having recently converted from an oil-based economy to becoming natural-gas based. Roughly half of Trinidad’s natural gas production is converted into liquefied gas at a local facility and currently exports to continental United States, Puerto Rico, Spain and Dominican Republic.

Prime Minister Bissessar recently concluded a State Visit to the country. The Hindu sources say, she referred to India as the ‘Grandmother’, (most of the (island’s) population has its origin in India), hence holds a special bond, just as the love between a Grandmother and her grandchildren. She told the Indian communties, “Let your children get education. This is the only passport out of poverty….the only way to lift the nation.” She herself has deep origins there, she visited places such as, Kolkata, a place where most Trinidad ancestors left from, migrating to T&T as indentured servants. She also ‘re-visited’, Bhelepur, Bihar where her family originated, which based on reports seemed to be a bitter-sweet, touching experience for her.

During her trip, after talks with Indian Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh; PM Bissessar signed a series of agreements with India, regarding Education, Air Services, Culture, Traditional medicines, and Agriculture in the hope of marketing Trinidad, to become a worldwide brand. Mrs Persad-Bissessar addressed many issues while abroad, she highlighted in one speech the fact that the beauty of the Diaspora in the Caribbean was its ability to maintain its culture while creating ‘the fabric of a new home’. She mentioned the large Indo-Trinidadian community who maintained the culture through dress, foods, music and ceremonies but also the development of the actual ‘Trinibagonian’ culture.

This is a good look for PM Bissessar on another of her ventures to promote Trinidad and the Caribbean Taking the Caribbean to the worlddddd!!!! She has promised to give a full account of her trip to Parliament shortly, however check out a few pics and video, posted on her Facebook page.

NEW!! Video: ‘Afro House Clash’ The first ever UK Reality Show Caribbean and African Nationals

by Natalie Monique
According to the UK based Reality show’s official website, the concept of the challenge is that, 12 African and Caribbean nationals will live under the same roof as housemates. Each week someone will be eliminated, hence evicted from the house, whoever is left once the period is over, will win the title Mama Africa and Papa Africa. A cash prize of 10, 000 pounds will be awarded to the winner and become an African Media Model.

….. Love this global fusion!!!!

Video: $12m Bollywood film shot in Trinidad and Tobago ‘Dulha Mil Gaya’

Check out this $12m Bollywood film shot in Trinidad and Tobago and premiered January 2010, ‘Dulha Mil Gaya’.

(Storyline via IMDB)
After the passing of his Trinidad-based father, Surajratan Dhanraj, Casanova Tej is asked by the family solicitor, Vakil, to confirm with his father’s last will – namely that he should not only marry Punjab-based Samarpreet Kapoor but must remain married to her for a period of 10 years – or else the entire estate will be transferred to an association that ensures the welfare of turtles and crabs. Tej and Vakil accordingly travel to Punjab, meet Samarpreet and her family, and the couple get married. Tej returns to Trinidad, mails a cheque every month, refuses to communicate with her, and continues with his lifestyle as though he was never married. He is friendly with a supermodel, Shimmer Canhai, and through her meets a young woman, Sammar Capore, and instantly falls in love with her. He accepts a bet with Shimmer that he will successfully woo and wed Sammar but is in for disappointment when she prefers the company of a male named Jigar. Tej sets out to ruin Jigar’s career.