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Video: No Bars Hold! Jamaica’s Bobsleigh team makes first Olympics since 2002

JA Bobsledteam

After first gaining recognition on ice on entering their first ever Winter Olympics, Calgary in 1988, Jamaica is once again proving there is no stopping for the little island on the map! Taking the Caribbean to the world

From previous legends and onwards, including but by far not limited to the great Bob Marley, Usain Bolt, Tessanne Chin to name a few…the 2 man tropical Bobsledding team, Winston Watts and Marvin Dixon are ready to melt the ice in Russia, at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics.

For those not familiar with the movie ‘Cool Runnings’ which gave an account of the controversial Bobsleigh team coming out of Jamaica, see video below (includes snippets). Jamaica is ready again…the previous team may not have won but certainly had the world talking in awe of their brave achievement.

…Jamaica’s Bobsleigh team Coach Tom Samuel is certain the islanders can do it, efforts are currently underway and with the well needed funding, the team is ready to prove their worth on ice…check out video below:

PS. Follow link to official crowdfund page to help contribute to Team Jamaica’s Bobsled team https://www.crowdtilt.com/campaigns/help-the-jamaican-bobsled-team-get-to-sochi?utm_source=Twitter&utm_medium=Tweet&utm_campaign=JamaicanBobsledToSochi

From the Track to the Runway: Jamaican sprinter Asafa Powell now signed to Pulse Model Agency


Photos/Pulse and Asafa Powell Facebook

FROM THE TRACK TO THE RUNWAY: JAMAICAN OLYMPIC SPRINTER ASAFA POWELL SIGNED TO PULSE MODEL AGENCY. Yesterday, Pulse one of the premier Model Agencies in Kingston, Jamaica announced via their official Facebook page that their newest addition was none other than popular Jamaican Olympic medalist Asafa Powell.

Asafa ‘Sub-10 King’ is popularly known not only on the Track, but amongst the ladies for his well-cut physique, ‘treating’ his female fans to frequent photo posts on his various Social media accounts, as well as various magazine appearances.

Based on the reaction to this news via Social media, it seems many believe Continue reading From the Track to the Runway: Jamaican sprinter Asafa Powell now signed to Pulse Model Agency

NEW!! Video: ‘Burpee’, the new unisex total body workout craze used in NFL, NBA, Track and Army training

The Burpee similar to ‘Squat Thrusts’, is an all conditioning exercise that focuses on all major parts of the male and female physique…the Shoulder, Pecs/Chest area, Abdominals, Glutes, Hamstrings, Calves and it is an overall Cardiovascular workout and good for the heart.

According to the Wikipedia , ‘The exercise was named in the 1930s for American physiologist Royal H. Burpee, who developed the Burpee test. He earned a PhD in Applied Physiology from Columbia University in 1940 and created the “Burpee” exercise as part of his PhD thesis as a quick and simple way to assess fitness.The exercise was popularized when the United States Armed Services adopted it as a way to assess the fitness level of recruits when the US entered WWII. Consisting of a series of the exercises performed in rapid succession, the test was meant to be a quick measure of agility, coordination and strength.’

In my research on this ‘Celeb’ workout, many seem most excited about the fact that you can do it anywhere, yet get major results, many sharing their love-hate relatiosnhip with the exercise:) Gentlemen, according to many fitness experts, the Burpee is the most effective exercise for men to achieve that overall ‘masculine’physique… Do your own research, then try it and share if you think it works.

Ladies imagine how quicker we can get tight with this…being the beast I am…Im about to try it then stop or slow down if I start seeing more than the desired ‘feminine’ results, haha..Its Summertime, lets start burpeeeing….

Below are varied demos of Burpee, choose which one works for you:

Warning: Video below has Graphic lyrics in background Music

For those who may not be the best at coordination (lol), I also found a ‘beginner’s burpee’ video to get you prepared for the regular burpee. See below:

Could you keep up with an 11 year old Fitness Instructor? Check out CJ, one of the youngest Fitness Instructors in the business

by Natalie Monique

May sound crazy, as CJ Senter may only be 12 years old, but be assured this kid has some serious business going on. One of the youngest fitness coaches around, but possessing the drive of any grown folk, truly passionate about fitness.

The well-sculpted tween, has the body of an experienced workout guru and the determination and energy to go with his well cut, ‘physique’.

Yahoo Sports spoke with his Dad, Carlos Senter who say he is constantly in shock at his son’s abilities.  He went on to highlight the fact that he climbed out of his crib at the tender age of seven months old.  He already has a workout video, which his father told sources,  is being demanded so much, he had to hire a PR, has his own website, workoutkid.com and little CJ also teaches a class in his hometown in Georgia.

Young CJ is also an avid football player and Yahoo says he actually gained this deep love for working out, one day after his football coach sent the team home and told them to do some exercising.  He saw a P90X informercial and the rest is history…

CJ’s father told Yahoo: ‘He doesn’t really eat candy…I have no idea why.‘ “This kid will score a touchdown, take the football to the ref and act like nothing ever happened…” He has already been named MVP for the state of Georgia in an Under 8 tournament and represented in an Under 10, at the age of nine.  CJ’s aim is to become an NFL player.

The aim of the workout DVD is to keep kids in shape, but I must add, adults should not have an excuse either seeing this kid’s dedication, lol..check out little Coach CJ in action below:

Read about another young star athlete, 9 year old Dominican-American  Jaffi Alexis.



NEW!! Music Video: International artistes Busy Signal and Damian Marley team up in ‘Kingston Town’ (Remix)

International Dancehall and Reggae artistes’ Busy Signal and Damian ‘Jr Gong’ Marley have teamed up in the powerful track, ‘Kingston Town (Remix)’.
The original track ‘Kingston Town’ is from Busy Signal’s new album, ‘REGGAE Music Again’. The Music Video was directed by Jamaican Video Director Dameon Gayle.

Great collaboration…check it out