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NEW!!! Music Video: John Legend ‘Tonight’ (Best You Ever Had) ft. Ludacris

We heard about the sexy Music Video for John Legend’s steamy single ‘Tonight’ that was coming out AND now it has finally been released…

Check it out!!

NEW!! Music Video: Reggae star Damian Marley expresses deep love in ‘Affairs of the Heart’

by Natalie Monique

International Reggae artisteDamian Marley has done it again with this pure unadulterated love tune ‘Affairs of the Heart’.

Where gritty meets romance…love it!! Beautiful song and awesome lyrics by Damian…deep, this is a love song!! ‘Ur love is life changing….when the tour bus drop off and all light lock off, and Im a mere mortal again….and all the fans gone home, Im glad ur more than a friend..’

‘..some see the laughter and dont see the tears…some seh I love and only pretend to care…nuff ah dem a just Miss Congeniality, dem pretty face and nuh see reality..’ I am sure many should be able to identify with this song…

Wow, love it…true love, no fake thing roun’ here!;) …Check it out: