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New!! The Natalie Monique™ Show Live Coming Soon


Live Call-in talk show, hosted by the effervescent, blunt yet charming, Natalie Monique™.  Broadcasted live weekly

on a screen near you. (To be announced)

Various thought provoking, controversial topics ranging from Relationships, Music, News, Fashion, Health, Tech to Politics.

Here we also introduce new/upcoming talent in various career fields, inspiring/new ventures, trending and breaking news, latest music, beats and videos shown….easy, laid back yet energetic atmosphere Caribbean vibe with urban influence…some call it crossover, we call it the REAL Cariburban style!

Taking the Caribbean to the world, we’re not just known for our beautiful islands, but its amazingly, multi-talented people. We are everything NEW…and feel free to contact us with anything quality, relating to the Caribbean and otherwise, deserving exposure.

The vibe is not straight Caribbean, American, European or anywhere else, it is a seamless, classy blend….a little of everything, resulting in ALOT! New season begins soon.. STAY TUNED!

If you have a show topic you would love to have discussed OR you or someone you know have an interesting venture/talent to share as a guest on the show…let us know!


Commentary: Sooo, they have fake Android stores now too in China?

Photos/Isidor Fugue

by Natalie Monique

Sometime last year, I gained knowledge of the existence of ‘fake’ Apple stores. As an avid Apple fan and even sometimes somewhat of a Techie, I decided to share here what I considereed quite disturbing. Today for some strange reason I got the ‘itch’ to find out what was the latest with this, had they closed them down, did any more develop along the way and so forth.

To be honest, I did not manage to delve that far, as I was again bowled over with the fact that they also now have ‘fake’ Android stores. LMAO So at this point, I am no longer looking at it from a personal grouse, but now simply starting to wonder WHAT else is left to be cloned. Anyway, this is the story with the ‘Un’droid store:

Researcher, blogger and Speaker Brian Glucroft who has been living in China for the past five years made mention on his blog of this ‘ grand discovery’, on his way to Nampin Zhuhai. He highlighted the fact that the store not only sold Android-based mobile phones, such as HTC, BBK, Huawei, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, and Sony Ericsson; BUT also Apple products, such as the IPhone, IPad and Mac computers. Hmmm, so right there in itself lies a huge no-no. Selling a major competitors brand in your ‘flagship’ store?

Check out the display and store card below…. Epic! Explains the store’s diversity, lol

MicGadget sources in China, also reported of another Fakedroid store near Meizhou, in Guangdong province, that acutally has a ‘glowing’ Android like sign, similar to Apple’s glowign apple logo, smh

Are Apple or Google/Android developers, users or mere fans cringing yet? Or anyone else for that matter:)

Jamaica Jazz and Blues 2012 kicks off this weekend, January 26th-28th, 2012

The 16th Annual Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival takes place this weekend, Thursday, January 26th – Saturday, January 28th, 2012 at the Greenfield Stadium, Trelawny, Jamaica. Each year the show, one of the Caribbean’s largest Music Festivals, attracts thousands of patrons from all over the world, delivering a weekend of Culture, Music, Food and rich, quality Entertainment.

The weekend will feature a slew of local and international artistes, headlined by Musical Soul legend, Celine Dion. This years festival marks the celebration of Jamaica’s 50th Independence (Jamaica gained Independence from Great Britain, August 6, 1962) , and the first night will be dedicated to the festivities.

This year also sees new producers of the show, Art of Music Productions ( AMP), spearheaded by Stephen Dear, with Walter Elmore remaining the Executive Producer of the prestigious event.
Check out the line up below:

Thursday, January 26th (Celebrating Jamaica’s 50th )

Christopher Martin
Assassin aka. Agent Sasco
John Holt
Marcia Griffiths
Ky-Mani Marley
Half Pint
George Nooks
Pluto Shervington
Byron Lee and the Dragonnaires
AJ Brown
Marcia Barrett
Derrick Morgan
Lloyd Parkes and the We The People Band
Mykal Rose

Friday, January 27th

Celine Dion
Richie Stephens and Gentleman
Jully Black
Tami and Tessanne Chin
Nicole Henry

Saturday, January 28th
Cee Lo Green
Damian Marley
The Temptations
Heads of State
Earl Klugh

NEW!! Video: Chris Brown and Rihanna ‘I want it all back’

Wow..bumped into this amazingly beautiful vid, thought I’d share…love these two baaaad:) The song is a track from his F.A.M.E album.

Rumors have been circulating that the two are getting back, we have no absolutely no confirmation of this…but regardless of if it is or not, there is much truth to what Rihanna said in an interview, “I definitely believe its possible to change, depends on if you want to…

NEW!! Listen: Amber Rose ft. Wiz Khalifa ‘Fame’

by Natalie Monique
Recently we mentioned that Model, Socialite and Actress, Amber Rose was about to release her very first single, ‘Fame’ featuring her beau Rapper Wiz Khalifa.

Well, the song is finally out…what do you think?

NEW!! Jay Z’s RocNation gifts Rihanna with a brand, new car

by Natalie Monique
Rihanna recently showed off her spanking new, jet black Jeep Wrangler wrapped in a cute bow wih custom built tires, from her boss, Jay Z on Twitter. She tweeted, “Foot out dat b**ch! Ride that shi* like a skateboard.” A line from Jay Z’s song, ‘On To The Next One.’

RiRi also tweeted on the arrival of Jay Z and Beyonce’s baby girl, she wrote, ‘Welcome to the world Princess Carter! Love Aunty Rih!. Hmmm…wonder what the Island Diva Superstar is going to get baby Blue Ivy🙂