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New!! The Natalie Monique™ Show Live Coming Soon


Live Call-in talk show, hosted by the effervescent, blunt yet charming, Natalie Monique™.  Broadcasted live weekly

on a screen near you. (To be announced)

Various thought provoking, controversial topics ranging from Relationships, Music, News, Fashion, Health, Tech to Politics.

Here we also introduce new/upcoming talent in various career fields, inspiring/new ventures, trending and breaking news, latest music, beats and videos shown….easy, laid back yet energetic atmosphere Caribbean vibe with urban influence…some call it crossover, we call it the REAL Cariburban style!

Taking the Caribbean to the world, we’re not just known for our beautiful islands, but its amazingly, multi-talented people. We are everything NEW…and feel free to contact us with anything quality, relating to the Caribbean and otherwise, deserving exposure.

The vibe is not straight Caribbean, American, European or anywhere else, it is a seamless, classy blend….a little of everything, resulting in ALOT! New season begins soon.. STAY TUNED!

If you have a show topic you would love to have discussed OR you or someone you know have an interesting venture/talent to share as a guest on the show…let us know!


NEW!! Video: Rihanna self-produces 2-pt ‘Road to Talk That Talk’ showing who she really is behind the glitz and fame

Bajan Queen Rihanna gives fans a peek into her life, showing and recounting all it took to complete her chart-topping, No.1 selling album, ‘Talk That Talk.’

Love that she never forgets her humble roots, this is some real stuff here…CHECK IT OUT!!!
….. More blessings Ririii!! Proudly taking the Caribbean to the worlddd!!:)

NEW!! Video: Soul Prince John Legend to get down and dirty sexy in ‘Tonight’ (Best You Ever Had) Music Video

by Natalie Monique

R&B/Soul star John Legend recently released his sexy, hot new single, ‘Tonight’ (Best You Ever had ft. Ludacris from the ‘Think Like A Man’ Soundtrack….and now the visual is about to unfold.

Essence.com sources revealed that they will be premiering the video on Monday, March 12 and says fans should ‘prepare to fan themselves from all the sexiness.’ From the lyrics, we def heard a side of the multi-talented Legend that is uhm, quite rare…real bad ass, bedroom talk, and now learning he will be shirtless and all in the visuals? Peep the sneak peek pic they posted (above) Ive started fanning already..cant wait:) lol

“…Come on let me kiss that, ooh, I know u miss that..I dont wanna brag, but I’ll be the best you ever had….she know I beat it up like the thriller in Manilla..then throw you on a grill, cuz seven days a week ur my five course meal, forreal..”

>>>Good Lawdieeee Take a listen to these lyrics!

UPDATE: See video here

NEW!! Pic: Look Ma, no hair! Willow Smith goes bald!

by Natalie Monique
So Miss Willow Smith has made another huge Fashion Statement (Pic above)look Ma, no hair!!

The 11 year old Diva is known for creating her own style, whether through her jaw dropping, crazy yet cute outfits or hair styles, having all the kids in a frenzy… well, even adults too:)

Well she definitely can no longer whip her hair back and forth, but knowing Willow she will be coming with something else. In the meantime, check out her hot song (Video below) ‘Fire Ball, ‘ featuring Trinidadian Superstar ‘Pink Barbie’ Nicki Minaj. Love how Nicki goes off into Dancehall:)!!

‘..Im the fireball of the party, Im the fireball of the party… Hey yo Willow didnt I just see you in China, you real major, even though you a minor..yu daddy keep you in Designer…”

Take a peek at some of Willow’s hair styles:

NEW!! Today is World Aids Day….BUT let us try to be aware everyday

Make note, only 1 out of every 5 persons know their status… We can never know by looking.
YES, you may be kicking it with a ‘good’ person, but that good partner may have been with a ‘bad’ partner and never knew:)

Once you get tested you have a chance to live responsibly from thereon….

Blessings and positive guidance!