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(WATCH) Music Video: Rihanna ‘We Found Love’

by Natalie Monique

(Originally posted Oct 19, 2011) Rihanna’s highly talked about Music Video for ‘We Found Love’ is finally out! Directed by Riri’s favorite director, Melina Matsoukas, who also directed her previous videos such as the controversial, ‘S&M’, ‘Hard’, ‘Rude Boy’ and ‘Rock Star’.

The same video where the streets went abuzz implying, that Riri had found ‘new love’ in her co-star, Irish Farmer and Model, Dudley O’Shaugnessy…then that he was offended by her attire or the lack thereof on set, and so forth…. The video shows the Irish farmer as her beau and they go through their glad and sad times throughout their relationship which later ends when they seemingly cannot withstand the challenges of their relationship any longer, Rihanna walks away and leaves her ‘beau’ passed out on the ground, unable to move…doesn’t it sound familiar?

The video depicts drug use, violence and sexually suggestive elements, and as we know it seems the norm for her videos to cause some controversy. Well, what did Rihanna have to say? She tweeted, “We’ve never done a video like this before. This is probably one of the deepest videos I’ve ever done. #WeFoundLove…The good feeling of love and the dangers of it. That’s what this video is about. #WeFoundLove #UNLOCKED”

It sure was ‘unlocked’ this was some deep seated emotional baggage waiting to be released….there is no doubt that this was some sort of re-enactment of her ‘episode’ with Chris Brown her former beau…. the hook says, ‘We found a love in a hopeless place…”
Love the BIG move with this one!

WATCH: Trinidadian Reggae Spoken Word artistes ‘Broken One’ Short Film/Music Vid on Domestic Violence

Check it out:

NEW!! Jay Z reveals Beyonce had a previous miscarriage in new song ‘Glory’

by Natalie Monique
Jay Z recently released a song, ‘Glory’, in tribute to his new Princess Blue. The song reveals the struggles he and Beyonce had in having a baby, before the recent birth of Blue Ivy Carter, and was released on Jay Z’s website, LifeAndTimes.com.

In the song, he spoke of ‘False alarms and a line from the song said, “Last time the miscarriage was so tragic, we was afraid you disappeared….the most amazing feeling I feel, Words can’t describe what a feeling, for real, Baby I’ll paint the sky blue, My greatest creation was you.”

Beyonce’s website posted a joint official statement about the birth of their miracle bundle, “Hello, Hello Baby Blue! We are happy to announce the arrival of our beautiful daughter. Her birth was emotional and extremely peaceful, we are in heaven. She was delivered naturally at a healthy 7 lbs and it was the best experience of both of our lives. We are thankful to everyone for all your prayers, well wishes, love and support. Beyonce & JAY Z.”

US Weekly posted a pic of a crib the pair allegedly purchased for Blue (below)

So much for the naysayers, who were constantly hounding the couple about having a baby, being pregnant, faking the pregnancy, and then the ‘alleged meaning’ behind the baby’s name….hmmm

Again, we congratulate Jay and Bey, on finally welcoming their little ‘power baby‘, Blue Ivy Carter🙂

NEW!! Video: Dancehall’s Baby Cham ‘Drop It’ (Like You Doing It)

by Natalie Monique
Dancehall artiste Baby Cham is back in the groove of things and wasting no time. Just recently he released his official video for ‘Wine’, now another treat for fans is another spanking hot, Music Video for his single, ‘Drop It’.

The song was produced by Coppershot Musicand directed by Chris ‘Icey Jace’ Campbell.

Check it out!!!! Dweet Cham!

Watch: Baby Cham ‘Wine’

NEW!! Video: “Birdman ‘Why U Mad’ Island Spice Nicki Minaj plays ‘The Female Weezy’

by Natalie Monique

Birdman recently shot a Music Video for his single, ‘Y.U. Mad’ for his soon to be released album, Bigga Than Life. The single features Lil Wayne and Trini Diva Nicki Minaj.

Nicki is seen dressed as a female Weezy, with blonde dreadlocks, camouflage shorts and exposing her boxers. Young Money told MTV that, “Honestly though, I don’t think no one is actually mad, it’s just a figure of speech…I think Nick just sounded good saying ‘mad’ at that point in the song. I don’t think it would’ve been cooler if she said, ‘That’s why you glad.”

Birdman gave his piece, ‘I don’t think it would’ve sounded cooler, I think that’s why she went with ‘mad.’ We have to ask her next time I see her”. MTV news said Minaj was the one who actually approached him with the playful idea of the song. Birdman was happy they say, when Nicki approached him, ‘Stunna I got a record I think you would like’ He continued, “.….I liked it from the start, working with Nicki is just special anyway so and it was something she gave me and I felt good about it so we rocked with it.”

They spoke to MTV sources about the new project, saying it was done all in fun, and that they hope noone would ‘be mad‘. The video was directed by Gil Green at various locations in Miami Beach.

From internet reviews, persons have already been trying to ‘suggest/guess’ who they may be addressing/ dissing …. but hey I aint gonna get into all that LOL …. sometimes its good to have a little fun, and take things light…and we can sure depend on the Pink Barbie to add just that…..

Check out the long awaited video (NB. May have explicit content)

NEW!! Official Music Video: Beyonce ‘Dance For You’

by Natalie Monique
Bey is surely keeping ’em coming!! MTV says, this video will also be featured on Beyonce’s ‘Live At Roseland’ DVD special, being released November 29.

‘Live at Roseland’ is a DVD series filmed over four shows performed at Roseland Ballroom in NYC. compiled from four shows. She will be highlighting the high points of her career, as well as performances.

In ‘Dance With You’ Bey, teases her ‘man’ with a sexy, seductive dance routine in a ‘film-moir-type setting “I just wanna…Show you how much I appreciate you….Wanna show you how much I’m dedicated to you….Wanna show you how much I will forever be true
….Wanna show you how much you got your girl feelin’ good..”

Sexyyy….Love it!!!:) Check it out:

Wanna see more sexy, haha Check out Rihanna doing a striptease in her latest Armani Commercial

NEW!! Uhm….Kim Kardashian marriage over; files for divorce

by Natalie Monique

Kim Kardashian who recently married New Jersey Nets player Kris Humphries…a little over two months ago, to be exact….is filing for divorce.

It seems they have irreconciliable differences *Shrugs shoulder* So who gets what..well, according to US Weekly Kim did sign a pre-nup before the marriage and Kim gets to protect all her asssets, and also whatever she gets during the marriage…Kris would get nothing if the marriage failed, a contract her now Ex-husband agreed to….hmmm. KIm grossed an estimate of $12 million in 2010.

TMZ reported that they split due to differences as to where they were going to live after the wedding drama died down. Humphries wanted to live in his hometown Minnesota and Kim wanted to stay near her family *DUH* Weekly World News sources say it all started when Kris forgot Kim’s birthday and then bought her a $600 pair of Manola shoes on sale. Also, that he was not very popular amongst her family, a close family friend said, ‘He treats Kim like crap, says stupid things all the time and, frankly, many family members think he is a closeted gay who just needs to admit it.”

Whatever it is, it doesnt look good I guess..sorry to heart the Fairy tale didn’t work out:( It is reported that the divorce becomes effective October 31st, 2011.

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