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Study: Men with multiple sex partners have a Mental illness ‘Nuff Gyal Syndrome’

by Natalie Monique

I remember reading an article sometime ago whereby, after the launch of a mental health campaign in Kingston, Jamaica, leading Jamaican Psychiatrist, Dr. Frederick Hickling said, Jamaican men have a ‘completely wrong perception about polygamy.

Hickling went on further to clamp down on the frequent associations Jamaican men make between themselves and African Ancestors, using their polygamic lifestyle as an ‘excuse for transgression.’

He noted that this ‘behavior’ is being condoned in Jamaican society, especially in the lyrics of many Caribbean songs however pointing out that women are also guilty of this form of transgression.

The study showed that there is a thin line between ‘mere abnormality and a mental disorder’, the disease he refers to as ’nuff gyal syndrome’, nuff gyal from a line from popular song (see below) by Deejay Beenie Man.

What are your thoughts?:) lol

NEW!!Dancehall artiste Baby Cham ‘Wine’ Music Video {Teaser}

by Natalie Monique
For all who have been asking where in the world is Baby Cham, well….the veteran Grammy-nominated, Dancehall artiste Dameon Beckett aka. Baby Cham or Cham, recently shot a Music Video for his new tune, ‘Wine’.

Dancehall Reggae fans and especially the ladies, will be happy to see something new from this artiste, who was once very popular for original hot Dancehall tunes such as, ‘Ghetto Story‘ ft Alicia Keys, ‘Vitamin S’, (I love this soong, lol), ‘Tables will turn‘ and ‘Run Dem’ with Foxy Brown, ‘Another Level’ with Bounty Killer and Mims ‘This is why Im hot’ remix with Junior Reid.

Glad to see Cham in the light again, the video seems to deliver exactly what the song title suggests Female bodies gyrating in all positions, Wining as we call it in the Caribbeanhaha…..’Wine’ was produced by Cash Flow Records, will def post the full video once we get a hold of it….In the meantime, check out the Behind The Scenes and teaser:

NEW!! Today is World Aids Day….BUT let us try to be aware everyday

Make note, only 1 out of every 5 persons know their status… We can never know by looking.
YES, you may be kicking it with a ‘good’ person, but that good partner may have been with a ‘bad’ partner and never knew:)

Once you get tested you have a chance to live responsibly from thereon….

Blessings and positive guidance!

NEW!! Official Music Video: Beyonce ‘Dance For You’

by Natalie Monique
Bey is surely keeping ’em coming!! MTV says, this video will also be featured on Beyonce’s ‘Live At Roseland’ DVD special, being released November 29.

‘Live at Roseland’ is a DVD series filmed over four shows performed at Roseland Ballroom in NYC. compiled from four shows. She will be highlighting the high points of her career, as well as performances.

In ‘Dance With You’ Bey, teases her ‘man’ with a sexy, seductive dance routine in a ‘film-moir-type setting “I just wanna…Show you how much I appreciate you….Wanna show you how much I’m dedicated to you….Wanna show you how much I will forever be true
….Wanna show you how much you got your girl feelin’ good..”

Sexyyy….Love it!!!:) Check it out:

Wanna see more sexy, haha Check out Rihanna doing a striptease in her latest Armani Commercial