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NEW!! Getting healthy and fit and staying that way

Princess Harris, is a Bahamian-American Actress, Health and Fitness Consultant and Sports Fitness Model based in New York City. Princess is on a mission to inform, educate and encourage a healthy and wholesome lifestyle, and each week will show you how you can be healthy and enjoy it.

As a Sports Fitness Model, I have worked with some of the top fitness nutritionists, photographers, Directors and Magazines..such as P90X, Cardio Karate, Urban Rebounding, Oxygen, Women Health, and Lovate to name a few. Join me, as I share my personal tips, routines and even ‘tricks’:) to help you on your journey in getting AND keeping that ‘vacation’ body, and having fun while doing it.

The most important quality one must have in order to achieving Health and Fitness is dedication. Health and fitness is a lifestyle that can only be attained through hard work. There are no short cuts to success and it all starts with having a proper diet regimen.

A proper diet is one that consists of healthier choices, smarter preparation, and a balance of Protein, Vegetables, and Good Carbohydrates. A healthier choice consists of little to NO white flour and foods from sealed cans and having natural foods I.e. fruits, vegetables and nuts that are unsalted. One should consume little to no salt and sugar, as salt causing bloating and sugar turns into fat, as well as other medical issues.

Smarter food preparations consist of Grilled/Baked/Broiled/Steamed vs. Fried. One of the primary reasons people gain weight is due to a lack of portion control. To lose one pound -one must burn 3500 calories over and above what you already burn doing normal activities. Portion control is important because your stomach is the size of your fist, so you should not expect to stuff 10 times that amount of food into it without negative consequences.

Another important aspect of healthier living is a consistent workout program.

One should exercise 4-5 times a week minimum consisting of at least 30 minutes of cardio each day and calisthenics.This should include working different muscle groups, such as lower body (hamstrings/quads/calves) and on opposite days upper body, (chest/biceps/back) splitting the workouts in groups and breaking down each muscle with different exercises.

In essence, you should change from ‘eating whenever you can and exercising only when you must… to eating only when you must and exercising whenever you can’. As it is evident that I live and breathe health and fitness – I get greater satisfaction motivating, educating, and inspiring others to live a healthier and fit lifestyle.

Stay tuned each week, for more on developing and maintaining this ‘new’ you….feel free to leave comments, ask questions and share progress….

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NEW!! Video: Recent Investigation uncovers shocking truth behind McDonalds McMuffins

by Natalie Monique
McDonald’s McMuffins may not be as good as many think? Are you really loving it? ..hmmm.

According to ABC News, the huge Fast Food Chain says, ‘it will no longer accept’ eggs from their original supplier, Sparboe Farms. Apparently, after a recent investigation, shocking results were found, and The Food and Drug Administration deemed their production of their eggs as, ‘significant and serious violations.’ Just last year ‘during the huge Salmonella egg outbreak, the FDA had issued a company-wide warning letter to Sparboe Farms, the country’s fifth largest egg producer.’

The investigation was done by Animal Rights activists, ‘Mercy for Animals’ who partnered with ABC to uncover what was really happening in production on the Farm. A spokesperson for ‘Mickey D’s’ as the popular chain is lovingly referred to, told sources, “McDonald’s expects all of our suppliers to meet our stringent requirements for delivering high quality food prepared in a humane and responsible manner.” One of the activist involved in the Investigation told ABC’s Brian Ross, “I saw workers do horrendous things to birds, they were thrown, grabbed by the neck, they’re slammed in and out of cages.”

Nathan Runkle, the Executive Director of Mercy for Animals said, “…the video shows how health hazards can be linked to large scale, low-cost egg producers, so-called “factory farms….They’re the model of efficiency but they place an emphasis on profit over animal welfare.” He added, that he and his members eat no animal products because of the animal cruelty they have seen….hmmm

Sparboe representative said that all the employees seen on the video administering cruelty to the chickens were all fired. McDonalds has also assured its customers that all their eggs are safe and not hazardous to their health, as the eggs are all fully cooked. They said in a statement, “This is not a food safety issue for our menu items…We can assure our customers that eggs in our entire supply chain meet McDonald’s high standards for quality and safety.”

Hmmm againCheck out the video below, I’ll leave the comments to you:)

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