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Austria-based Jamaican dancehall artiste Miss Str8 on the rise


Miss Str8 is the hot newcomer to the dancehall circuit. Based in Austria, where she has made a name for herself and has performed alongside top Dancehall superstars, she’s now looking forward to acquire the same prominence in the country of her birth.

She is ready with a strong desire for that mainstream acceptance from the global capital of Reggae and Dancehall music, Jamaica.

The recording artiste obtained the moniker, Miss Str8, from her candid personality. “Though I’m a very jovial person, I am very straightforward with a zero tolerance when disrespect comes in. I am a focused musician and that’s extremely important in this male-dominated industry, in order to be a respected female performer,” she explained.

Her debut single, ‘Nuh Care’, was released in 2010. This presented opportunities to showcase her remarkable stage presence. Ultimately, she was able to demonstrate her prowess in not only singing but her dancing abilities as well. The songs Summertime, Stay Strong and Bad Nuh followed and became well known in most European countries, creating a strong fan base for the singer primarily in Austria, Germany and Italy.

Her most recent track, ‘Ova Me’, is composed by Austria-based Tom Hype production on their Four Corners rhythm. The video will be premiered later this month on VEVO.

NEW!! Music Video: Jamaican Dancehall artiste Spice shows patriotism in new single ‘The Holidays’

Spice shows her patriotism for her island Jamaica in new single ‘Holidays’. Check out the video which was directed by Steven Bernard and produced by Stephen Bishop Christian.

NEW!! Video: “Birdman ‘Why U Mad’ Island Spice Nicki Minaj plays ‘The Female Weezy’

by Natalie Monique

Birdman recently shot a Music Video for his single, ‘Y.U. Mad’ for his soon to be released album, Bigga Than Life. The single features Lil Wayne and Trini Diva Nicki Minaj.

Nicki is seen dressed as a female Weezy, with blonde dreadlocks, camouflage shorts and exposing her boxers. Young Money told MTV that, “Honestly though, I don’t think no one is actually mad, it’s just a figure of speech…I think Nick just sounded good saying ‘mad’ at that point in the song. I don’t think it would’ve been cooler if she said, ‘That’s why you glad.”

Birdman gave his piece, ‘I don’t think it would’ve sounded cooler, I think that’s why she went with ‘mad.’ We have to ask her next time I see her”. MTV news said Minaj was the one who actually approached him with the playful idea of the song. Birdman was happy they say, when Nicki approached him, ‘Stunna I got a record I think you would like’ He continued, “.….I liked it from the start, working with Nicki is just special anyway so and it was something she gave me and I felt good about it so we rocked with it.”

They spoke to MTV sources about the new project, saying it was done all in fun, and that they hope noone would ‘be mad‘. The video was directed by Gil Green at various locations in Miami Beach.

From internet reviews, persons have already been trying to ‘suggest/guess’ who they may be addressing/ dissing …. but hey I aint gonna get into all that LOL …. sometimes its good to have a little fun, and take things light…and we can sure depend on the Pink Barbie to add just that…..

Check out the long awaited video (NB. May have explicit content)

‘Small Axe’ QQ and Pamputtae

by Natalie Monique

Too hilarioussssss…this new video coming out of Jamaica with Dancehall stars QQ and Pamputtae ‘Small Axe’ is pure comedy. We see the young, talented rising star 17 year old QQ, trying to ‘kick it’ with the ‘fluffy’ female DJ Pamputtae. QQ tries to convince her that she should not judge his ‘ability to please’ her from his tiny frame , age or stage (lol)

His line, ‘…small axe cuts down big tree..’ Pamputtae tells him he cannot please her in anyway, physically or financially, haha. QQ is not giving up at all, as he seesm to be assured and confident of what he ‘has’. After continual persistence, at the end of the ivdeo, he shows her he is still not done trying…too cute

QQ is a young dancehall star who came on the scene at the tender age of 10, and quickly rose to stardom, with his single, ‘Poverty’. Then he followed with other hits like the popular dance song ‘Stookie, ‘Bobble, Bobble’, to name a few. He has really grown before our eyes and continues to do great work.

Pamputtae is also an upcoming female DJ, is creating waves in the Dancehall circuit with her unique lyrics and energetic lyrical style while ‘taking up di tings’. She is known for her ‘fluffiness’ and constantly makes personal reference to her size, of course of which in this video we see teenstar QQ willing to ‘take on the challenge’….hahaha She has another hit song out with fellow female DJ Spice, ‘Slim vs. Fluffy’ and ‘Scrape Gal Pot’ and, ‘ Goody Good’

Guess QQ is saying, ‘dont judge a book by its cover’..lol…he sure has grown, hmmm