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UPDATE Trayvon Martin Case: Docs reveal traces of marijuana found in Martin’s blood, Zimmerman’s broken nose

by Natalie Monique

It is now being reported that case documemts released show after the fatal shooting (Feb 26, 2012) of 17 year old Trayvon Martin, traces of marijauna were found in his system.

Traces of THC, an ingredient found in Marijuana was found in Martin’s blood as well as a positive test for Cannabinoids in his urine.

Sources also say a camera phone picture of Zimmerman was found shortly after the incident, and the a Sanford, Florida Police said, ‘Zimmerman appeared to have a and bloody nose and face and he appeared to have a broken and bloody nose, and swelling of his face,’which would support Zimmerman’s contention he feared for his life in his struggle with Martin.’

They have also reported that the Medical reports show an abrasion on Martins finger, but no other injury beside the gunshot wound.

The accused, Zimmerman has pleaded not guilty to the murder and said he killed the boy in self-defense. The case has caused worldwide controversy, some persons believing it is a racial blur, because Zimmerman, a 28 year old White Hispanic,was not arrested immediately in the beginning.

The saga continues in this case…hmmm

NEW! Video: Jamaican Reggae singer Romain Virgo ‘I Know Better’

by Natalie Monique

Reggae artiste Romain Virgo recently released the official video for his single, ‘I know better’, a track from his album ‘The System’, which is set to be be released in May 2012.

The track promotes Anti-violence, paying special tribute to his mother who he says motivates him to stay positive. The Music Video is shot in the gritty streets of Jamaica, and sends a graphic, yet thought provoking and uplifiting message.

The song was produced on the Juke Boxx/ Vikings Productions label and the Music VIdeo directed by Dameon Gayle-directed Music Video. Check it out:

Hmmm…Four year old shoots himself in chest with Mother’s gun

It has been reported that a four year old Philadelphia boy shot himself in the chest.

NBC reports that the child’s mother had a loaded gun under her pillow. She was downstairs when she heard the gun go off, and told the Police the child shot himself accidentally. The 23 year old mother has since defended herself they say, saying she did not feel safe in her home. The child is currently hospitlized in critical condition.

Okay…..I am speechless. Feel free to leave comments below on this…

View more videos at: http://nbcphiladelphia.com.

NEW!! Watch: Chaka Khan and other celebrities perform touching tribute to Trayvon Martin ‘Super Life’

by Natalie Monique

R&B legend Chaka Khan has recorded a tribute in memory of Trayvon Martin, and support in the move for Justice, entitled ‘Super Life’: Fear kills, Love heals. The song is based on her song ‘Super Life’, which was from her 2007 album, ‘Funk This’.

The Music Video/PSA recording session took place at Henson Recording Studio, Hollywood; the same studio where the popular , ‘We Are The World song was also recorded. ‘Super Life’ features a host of celebrities, dressed in black hoodies paying tribute to the Floridian teenager who was recently gunned down under what the majority of persons worldwide feel has been brutal and unfair circumstances. Each saying, ‘I am Trayvon…I am (insert real name)’

Many persons have taken to the internet and streets crying for justice in the case, disgruntled that Trayvon’s killer should ever be let free…this is really just a shocking and sad case, sadly, something that happens even more often than we are publicly made aware of I am sure….who are we to take the precious life of another, who are we to judge another, who are we?

For real, we all need to live this super thing called life, with all its ups and downs… instead of breaking down each other. A very thought-provoking, soul searching case.

Check out the PSA below: