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Photo: Will and Jada Pinkett Smith spend Turkey Day in Jamaica


The power duo, Will and Jada Smith recently gathered on the island of Jamaica to with friends and family in Thanksgiving celebration mode.

Posted on Jada’s official Facebook page was the following caption: “I’m having Thanksgiving this year in the land of which my grandmother was born…Jamaica.

I’m deeply grateful this Thanksgiving, but there will be prayer at my dinner table tonight for the Brown family, the family of Tamir Rice and all the men and women we have lost to violence.

My love to you and yours…Love J”

Accompanied by this loving pic with friends and fam (See above)

So Jada has some Jamaican blood up in there…no wonder we love her *grins*

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Welcome To Jamrock Reggae Cruise 2014 Makes History




The First Annual Sold-Out Voyage Breaks New Ground for Genre

The first annual Welcome To Jamrock Reggae Cruise broke new ground by captivating nearly 2400 passengers with an entire week of authentic reggae experiences aboard the Norwegian Pearl ship.

WATCH: Video recap of what transpired on the 5-day voyage:

The cruise, which set sail from Miami on October 20 with stops in Montego Bay and Ocho Rios, Jamaica before its October 25 return, sold out within one month after it was announced. People came from all over the world. Even though the ship embarked from the United States, 44% of the passengers were international representing almost 50 different countries.

“There was such a unique blend of people. It meant a lot to see the music bring unity between such a diverse group of people,” observed Damian Marley.

Filled with jaw-dropping performances from reggae’s top artists to legendary jam sessions from world-renowned DJs and sound systems, Jamaican music was celebrated on every spectrum. From themed movie theater selections (Dancehall Queen, The Harder They Come and Third World Cop), to pick-up soccer (football) games, to poolside jerk chicken, the Welcome To Jamrock Reggae Cruise also made sure to give passengers a slice of the island’s culture every day.

“Nothing like this has ever been done on this scale in the reggae genre. Never before, have you been able to see legends of this level touch the stage for five straight days in such a contained intimate setting. One minute you are eating breakfast next to Sean Paul, then watching a soccer game with Christopher Ellis and Wayne Marshall. Later in the night, you are witnessing a 2-hour set from Bounty Killer, then an historical session with King Jammy’s, Shinehead and Damian Marley at 4 am. This is the only place to create these type of vibes, period,” states cruiser Maya Mitte.

On the main stage, Damian, Julian and Stephen represented the Marley family, as well as their label Ghetto Youths International, with solo performances from the entire crew including Jo Mersa, Wayne Marshall, Christopher Ellis and Black-Am-I. There were more live sets from legendary bands like the Wailing Souls and Morgan Heritage, multi-platinum pop stars like Shaggy and Sean Paul, roots reggae singers like Etana, Jah Cure and Tarrus Riley and dancehall’s biggest names like Busy Signal, Bounty Killer and Cham. On the last night, not even the rain could stop the vibes. Stephen “Ragga” Marley continued his set inside the Atrium and brought out all the artists still on the ship for a 3-hour freestyle session, arguably one of the most epic performances in the history of reggae.

Whether patrons wanted to hear dub, ’90s dancehall, roots or today’s hits, there was something for everyone from sunrise to sunset at the various clubs and stages on board and even on-land in Jamaica. Hailing from across the globe: London’s David Rodigan, Japan’s Mighty Crown, Los Angeles’ Dub Club, and Jamaica’s own Stone Love, Renaissance and King Jammy’s were some of the renowned sound systems and DJs that took over the decks throughout the night. Those who stayed up after midnight witnessed rare jam sessions with surprise performances from some of the artists on deck.

How cool is this? An arm wrestling match resolved a major Airline dispute


Herb Kelleher (Right) Chairman of Southwest Airlines and Kurt Herwald (Left), Greenville, S.C based Stevens Aviation wrestle in Dallas, Texas in 1992, to determine who would get rights to an advertising slogan.

Stevens had been using the slogan ‘Just Plane Smart’ for over a year before Southwest unknowingly began using the exact Ad campaign. Herwald decided to challenge Kelleher (Southwest) to the wrestling match, instead of dishing out thousands of dollars in legal fees and the two heads also agreed the publicity from the match would benefit both airlines even greater.

Whoever wins, gets to keep the slogan, the loser would also have to donate $5000 to a notable charity.

Herwald eventually won the highly publicized match, which by the way was entitled ‘Malice in Dallas’…. but out of good sportsmanship, he allowed Southwest Airlines to continue using their slogan, plus also as a ‘gift’ for accepting the crazy proposal in the first place.

Both companies reported increase in profit shortly after, Southwest estimated gaining around six million dollars from publicity and doubling their stocks after a year and within three years Stevens Aviation was making four times what it made in the year of the match. The charity also gained fifteen million dollars from the three rounds of the match.

Hmmmm…Muy Interesante….

NEW!! Music Video: Jamaican Dancehall artiste Spice shows patriotism in new single ‘The Holidays’

Spice shows her patriotism for her island Jamaica in new single ‘Holidays’. Check out the video which was directed by Steven Bernard and produced by Stephen Bishop Christian.

NEW!! Woman barred from boarding flight due to offensive T-shirt slogan

by Natalie Monique

A woman was unable to board her connecting American Airlines flight, as the T-shirt she was wearing was deemed offensive. The slogan marked on the top said, ‘If I wanted the government in my womb, I’d ***** a Senator’.

Daily Mail sources say the Captain told her she should not have been allowed on the flight and she would have to change the shirt beofre boarding her connecting flight.

The slogan they say ‘…is a political statement linked to pro-choice views on abortion, and was first seen back in March on a banner held by Oklahoma state senator Judy McIntyre.’ An airline spokesperson said the woman was prevented not because of the political statement but the suggestion of a curse word.

Travel attorney Jeff Miller told sources said, ‘The bottom line is that the pilot controls the aircraft….If the captain thinks other passengers may get upset, it becomes a safety issue. Wow, I didnt even know this, lol

Sources added that after missing her flight she was given a seat on a later flight, wearing a shawl over her shirt.

Hmmm…what do you think about this?