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NEW!! Jennifer Hudson has now shrunk down to a Size Zero??

The Oscar Winning songstress became the spokesperson for Weight Watchers back in 2010 after giving birth to her baby boy. From then on, she has been significantly shrinking. When she got to a Size 6, she had told EXTRA that she was happy hwere she was, but apparently no longer…..as she has now shrunk to a zero and I must add looking quite fabulous!!!!

She told USA Today that instead of saying she lost this and that she would rather say she gained back 10 years of her life.
….cute:) On the other hand, Hudson is being criticized for her drastic weight loss, but wasn’t she also highly criticized for being overweight at once a whopping Size 22, and even when she went to 16? *shrugs shoulder*

Joy Behar, co-host from The View actually revealed the shocking news after bumping into her while shopping. She said, she overheard the salesperson tell her she is a Size zero, Joy asked her how she felt about her current weight, Hudson replied, ‘Being skinny is a job, its not easy…’I feel this responsibility to the world now – people are watching, so I have to keep going in the right direction in terms of my weight loss’.….what do you think?

Hudson recently had the honor of singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to President Barack Obama for his 50th this past week.