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Video: Dancehall artiste Mr.Vegas’ and his baby mother speak out on cheating scandal…

So recently, Jamaican Dancehall artiste Mr Vegas took to the internet to ‘expose’ his baby mother who allegedly was cheating on him, in his own bed and in front of their one year old daughter.

The drama has created havoc online….Sigh, I can imagine how nasty this can get….

Hey, I know no facts about this story, nor the persons involved beyond what is posted publicly, but truth is…..
I never understand why persons choose to air personal issues in public… Oh well, hope they figure it out

UPDATE: Since the original post, pictures from the surveillance camera are surfacing the internet wildly, actually showing all the hourly details of the rendezvous, with the baby present and all…oh boyee

(Disclaimer: We own none of the videos posted below or contents, shared from the internet)

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