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NEW!! Dancehall artiste Chino releases hot, new tune, ‘Joe Grind’

by Natalie Monique

Reggae Dancehall artiste Daniel ‘Chino’ McGregor releases brand, new tune, ‘Joe Grind’ on Boardhouse Records Dutty Cartoon Riddim….Hmmm🙂

Love the vibes in this one!!

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NEW!! Video: I- Wayne releases brand, new Music video for ‘Drug and Rum Vibes’

by Natalie Monique

International Reggae artiste I- Wayne recently released the official Music Video for his thought provoking single, ‘Drug and Rum Vibes’ from his latest album, Life Teachings.

In the tune, I-Wayne blazes fire on (hits out against) negative societal issues occurring, ranging from Skin bleaching to Politics, encouraging positivity and morality.

The Ras Tingle directed Video, contrasted energetic, colorful shots with Black/White and Sepia images using fluid shots, displaying the many things he considers negative. I-Wayne ‘stands out’ in each shot as that positive Messenger, ‘burning fire’ on the everyday immoralities he is observing.

Love this Video to an already powerful song…Kudos on an awesome Prouction coming out of the Islands!!

‘…people crying for the Lord, yard and abroad, cause the system is a fraud…’ Check it out:

Watch: Assassin aka. Agent Sasco and I_Wayne vibing while creating the ‘Fire Song’.

NEW!! Official Music Video: Dancehall Artiste Potential Kidd popular ‘Yah Suh Nice’ creating controversy

by Natalie Monique

Rising Dancehall artiste Potential Kidd has gained extreme popularity from his hot tune, ‘Yah Suh Nice’, one of Dancehall’s hot tunes out now, produced by Natral Enterprise. The the catchy title has also rapidly become the latest ‘talk’…and now, the official Music Video has been released, directed by Di Rawtid Yute.

The energetic, somewhat comedic Potential Kidd is from the inner city community of Trench Town in Kingston Jamaica, the place where Bob Marley spent years of his life and gave reference to in many of his songs. The term ‘Yah Suh Nice’ can be heard all over Jamaica and spreading globally, and in general is used to describe something enjoyable or bring attention to something worth talking about.

The song has not been enjoying success, without stark criticism however….

Recently Caribbean Telecommunications Giants LIME, dropped Potential Kidd from their already established ‘Yah Suh Nice’ Boys and Girls Athletic Championship campaign, where the theme being used was ‘Yah Suh Nice. After careful review, (though many have asked why ‘after’ the fact) their reason being the lyrics and suggestive tone of the song was inappropriate…

LIME released a statement saying the song promoted violence against women and condemning homosexuality. RJR News says LIME Jamaica’s Managing Director, Garry Sinclair confirmed that the artiste had been replaced in the promotion and that the company wanted artistes to express themselves freely but responsibly. Also adding, that the company does not endorse or support any idea or sentiment that promotes unlawful or anti-social behaviour. Hmmm

‘It nice eeh, how it nice suh…’ What is he really referring to? Hmm, you decide, haha Check it out: