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NEW! Video: Kanye makes debut appearance on next episode of ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’

Sooooo, Kanye is making his debut appearance on the next episode of ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’🙂

Check out a sneak peek as he meets up with his new belle Kim Kardashian, as she gets dressed with her sisters, before they all leave for Scott’s restaurant opening. This was before they started seriously dating.

Too cute…was Kanye blushing??? haha;)

NEW!! Music Video: Jamaican Gospel artiste Ryan Mark releases video ‘Whappen to Dem’

The charismatic, Jamaican Gospel Singer, Minister, Songwriter and upcoming producer Ryan Mark a.k.a Israel has been leaving his mark in the Gospel arena with his thought-provoking lyrics and smooth vocals and of late showing his versatility by incorporating a Reggae/Dancehall flavor.

Known as one of Jamaica’s leading Gospel artiste, his songs are engaging and encourage young people to live the right way, sharing his own experiences as a young man himself trying to progress…..Love the energy and positivity, check him out:

Check out another vid from Mark (below):

NEW! Video: Kim Kardashian opens up to Oprah about life with new beau Kanye West and more…

Oprah takes a deep plunge into the lives of the Kardashians…check out the vids below:

Oprah's Next Chapter | The Kardashians | {1/4} by Ashley_Miller_3

Oprah's Next Chapter | The Kardashians | {2/4} by Ashley_Miller_3

Oprah's Next Chapter | Part 2: The Kardashians… by Ashley_Miller_3

Oprah's Next Chapter | The Kardashians | {4/4} by Ashley_Miller_3

NEW!! Pics: Rihanna shares with fans her visit to see her Grandmother in hospital

Rihanna recently posted Instagram photos while visiting her Grandmother in hospital. The two are very close and Riri frequently shares with fans, special moments with her Nana, hope she gets better soon.

She tweeted: #GranGranDolly “My heart smiled and cried all at once…she still has the most beautiful hands..Daddy I wish you were here..”


NEW!! Kim Kardashian takes Kanye’s $500,000 Mercedes out for a casual spin

by Natalie Monique

Kim Kardashian was spotted driving her new beau kanye West, hot new $500, 000 Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren to the gym….

Not that Kim is not used to flashy whips of her own, but ….darn cute:)

The Double K romance certainly has been growing, whats next?

Step Dad, Bruce Jenner in a recent interview on The View , said, he has not yet met Kanye or ever seen him at the house, “Honestly, I’ve never met him….I havent seen him at the house…I just want Kim to be happy, I hope she can find somebody and just be happy. Thats what you want your kids to do”.