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Welcome To Jamrock Reggae Cruise 2014 Makes History




The First Annual Sold-Out Voyage Breaks New Ground for Genre

The first annual Welcome To Jamrock Reggae Cruise broke new ground by captivating nearly 2400 passengers with an entire week of authentic reggae experiences aboard the Norwegian Pearl ship.

WATCH: Video recap of what transpired on the 5-day voyage:

The cruise, which set sail from Miami on October 20 with stops in Montego Bay and Ocho Rios, Jamaica before its October 25 return, sold out within one month after it was announced. People came from all over the world. Even though the ship embarked from the United States, 44% of the passengers were international representing almost 50 different countries.

“There was such a unique blend of people. It meant a lot to see the music bring unity between such a diverse group of people,” observed Damian Marley.

Filled with jaw-dropping performances from reggae’s top artists to legendary jam sessions from world-renowned DJs and sound systems, Jamaican music was celebrated on every spectrum. From themed movie theater selections (Dancehall Queen, The Harder They Come and Third World Cop), to pick-up soccer (football) games, to poolside jerk chicken, the Welcome To Jamrock Reggae Cruise also made sure to give passengers a slice of the island’s culture every day.

“Nothing like this has ever been done on this scale in the reggae genre. Never before, have you been able to see legends of this level touch the stage for five straight days in such a contained intimate setting. One minute you are eating breakfast next to Sean Paul, then watching a soccer game with Christopher Ellis and Wayne Marshall. Later in the night, you are witnessing a 2-hour set from Bounty Killer, then an historical session with King Jammy’s, Shinehead and Damian Marley at 4 am. This is the only place to create these type of vibes, period,” states cruiser Maya Mitte.

On the main stage, Damian, Julian and Stephen represented the Marley family, as well as their label Ghetto Youths International, with solo performances from the entire crew including Jo Mersa, Wayne Marshall, Christopher Ellis and Black-Am-I. There were more live sets from legendary bands like the Wailing Souls and Morgan Heritage, multi-platinum pop stars like Shaggy and Sean Paul, roots reggae singers like Etana, Jah Cure and Tarrus Riley and dancehall’s biggest names like Busy Signal, Bounty Killer and Cham. On the last night, not even the rain could stop the vibes. Stephen “Ragga” Marley continued his set inside the Atrium and brought out all the artists still on the ship for a 3-hour freestyle session, arguably one of the most epic performances in the history of reggae.

Whether patrons wanted to hear dub, ’90s dancehall, roots or today’s hits, there was something for everyone from sunrise to sunset at the various clubs and stages on board and even on-land in Jamaica. Hailing from across the globe: London’s David Rodigan, Japan’s Mighty Crown, Los Angeles’ Dub Club, and Jamaica’s own Stone Love, Renaissance and King Jammy’s were some of the renowned sound systems and DJs that took over the decks throughout the night. Those who stayed up after midnight witnessed rare jam sessions with surprise performances from some of the artists on deck.

(Full Performance) Video: Damian ‘Jr Gong’ Marley brings Reggae to Sao Paulo, Brazil

by Natalie Monique

‘Junior Gong‘ Marley brought Reggae Music to Brazil in true form at the 2011 SWU Music and Arts Festival, keeping the crowd moving from start to finish !!

This is what I call a top class, truly engaging performance….the background vocalists, band and even the Flag waver went in too!!

Loved when he broke into the segment where he performed his father, the legendary Bob Marley’s songs…Love the energy from beginning to end in this….Taking the Caribbean to the world!!! Check it out:

NEW!! The 19th Annual 9 Mile Music Festival kicks off in Miami this Saturday

The 19th Annual 9 Mile Music Festival (formerly known as The Caribbean Music Festival) will take place on Saturday, March 3rd, 2012, at the Virginia Beach Park, Key Biscayne Miami, FL. A little trivia: 9 Mile is the community Bob Marley grew up in Jamaica

The main mission of the concert is to provide food for the needy at shelters in Miami and Jamaica, and each patron is asked to take along four (4) canned goods in contribution as part of the Admission. The information on the official website states VIP tickets are now sold out, however General Admission tickets are still available.

TMZ had previously reported that the Marley Brothers had cancelled the show due to a pending lawsuit from the Marley family, against Festival promoter, Richard Booker, who happens to be Bob Marley’s step-brother. However Stephen Marley via Ghetto Youths International released an official statement on his Facebook Page, confirming that himself, Damian and Julian will still actually be performing…it stated, ‘We are in it for the Love’:

NEW!! Video Trailer: Bob ‘Marley’ documentary opens in theaters Friday, April 20

by Natalie Monique
At some point we may have heard some talk about the ‘long-pending’ Bob Marley documentary that has been in the making. Yes…that same documentary that Martin Scorcese was originally working on with Weinstein Company in 2008, who was eventually replaced by Johnathan Demme after he left the project. Demme himself later walked away from the project after having alleged ‘creative differences’ with the producer at the time, Steve Bing.

Demme told Indie Wire, “The Marley documentary is on absolute hold. The portrait that I fashioned from all the archival footage of Bob Marley is one that I love very much, but [that love] is not shared by the financiers and the project is on complete hold at the moment and there’s a lot of discussion going on geared to try and find the most positive possible resolution to this situation.” Clearly, a resolution was not found and the planned release date of February 2010 — what would have been Bob Marley’s 65th birthday — has come and gone, but a replacement has hired on to bring the film to the finish line.”

The replacement Demme spoke of is Kevin MacDonald(Director, of ‘The Last King of Scotland’/Oscar Winner, Feature One Day in September, 1999), who finally took over the task of completing this historical production, who recently enjoyed the World Premiere of the final product, entitled ‘Marley’ at the Berlin Film Festival, among the notables in attendance was one of Bob’s sons, Rohan Marley. This follows the recent announcement on Bob Marley’s birthday (Feb 6), that the rights to ‘Marley’ was recently acquired by Magnolia Pictures and is scheduled to go to the big screens (First US release), as well as VOD and digital platforms on April 20th, 2012 ..yes, 4/20:) For those familiar with the underlying meaning of this date, may find it an appropriate date for this theatrical release (lol)…Ok, for those not too familiar, 4/20 is a day when thousands of people all over the tristate area gather together in Central Park New York City to take part in this day, to celebrate and consume ‘cannibis’ aka. weed:)

According to The Hollywood Reporter sources, the Kevin MacDonald-directed ‘Marley’ will consist of ‘rare Bob Marley footage, archied photos, interviews with friends and family and concert performances.’ Magnolia President Eamonn Bowles spoke of the project, “Bob Marley is a fascinating, towering figure in musical history, and Marley is the biography that he deserves…Kevin Macdonald has once again shown himself to be a master documentarian with this eye-opening, entertaining, beautifully crafted film.”

The documentary is produced by Steven Ming of Shangri-La Entertainment along with Charles Steel and Ziggy Marley, son of Bob Marley and Island Records founder Chris Blackwell are the Executive Producers. Ziggy told sources his sentiments of the project, “This documentary is the ultimate revelation of my father’s life,” said Ziggy Marley. “The family is proud to be able to have the world finally experience this emotional journey.”

Interviewer: Are you a rich man, do you have alot of possessions? Bob: Possessions make you rich..I dont have that kind of rich, my richness is Life Love Bob Marleyyy!! We are happy to learn the documentary about a true messenger and King of World Reggae is finally complete, and look forward to seeing it in theaters 4/20…haha, April 20th:)


Watch a great rendition of Marley’s ‘One Love’ by various Reggae artistes at the recent Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange held in London

NEW!! Music Video: Dancehall artiste Stacious ft. Belgian artiste Akro ‘Respect’

by Natalie Monique
Dancehall artiste Stacious teamed up in an awesome Reggae collaborating with Belgian Rapper Akro, ‘Respect’. The track from AKro’s album ‘Bleu Electrique.’

The video which was shot on location at the Hope Road Marley Museum in Kingston Jamaica, shows an intro by Rohan Marley, leading into a powerful message between the two entertainers. Akro sings in his native language, giving it a real authentic feel. Real proof that Music is indeed Universal…As Bob Marley sang, ‘When Music hits, you feel no pain’!

Real Cariburban vibe…Another Female Dancehall artiste spreading her wings ….check it out!

VIDEO: Check out another awesome Cariburban collaboration, with The Jolly Boys (Original Jamaican Mento Band), Assassin aka. Agent Sasco and Ms Dynamite giving a rendition of Marley’s ‘One Love’ at the recent Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange in London.