Rihanna graces the cover of December 2014 issue of Esquire UK magazine

Miss Rih Rih continues to prove why she was awarded 2014 Style Icon at the CDFA Awards.

Check out some of the pics from one of her latest editorial appearances in the December issue of Esquire UK magazine: Photos by Ellen Von Unwerth



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NB. Rihanna recently had the internet in a frenzy, making her Navy real excited, when she made her grand return to Instagram, after a six month hiatus

NEW! Music Video: Ishawna releases visuals to her controversial song ‘Restraining Order’ about Ex-fiancee

(Pic/Unknown Author)

Downsound Records female Deejay, Ishawna recently flamed up in the media, with her recent highly publicized break-up with partner and ex-co-worker international DJ Selector Foota Hype.

She has admitted in various Media outlets, that ‘Restraining Order’ was indeed written about her ex, and is not the first song she has written about her alleged unhappiness in their nine year long relationship.

The song was also allegedly the reason for the end of the Employer-Employee relationship between Foota Hype and Downsound Records, who are also the producers of the controversial tune. Foota felt the song was a betrayal, considering he too (as well as Ishawna) was also a part of the label.

Check out the video below:

How cool is this? An arm wrestling match resolved a major Airline dispute


Herb Kelleher (Right) Chairman of Southwest Airlines and Kurt Herwald (Left), Greenville, S.C based Stevens Aviation wrestle in Dallas, Texas in 1992, to determine who would get rights to an advertising slogan.

Stevens had been using the slogan ‘Just Plane Smart’ for over a year before Southwest unknowingly began using the exact Ad campaign. Herwald decided to challenge Kelleher (Southwest) to the wrestling match, instead of dishing out thousands of dollars in legal fees and the two heads also agreed the publicity from the match would benefit both airlines even greater.

Whoever wins, gets to keep the slogan, the loser would also have to donate $5000 to a notable charity.

Herwald eventually won the highly publicized match, which by the way was entitled ‘Malice in Dallas’…. but out of good sportsmanship, he allowed Southwest Airlines to continue using their slogan, plus also as a ‘gift’ for accepting the crazy proposal in the first place.

Both companies reported increase in profit shortly after, Southwest estimated gaining around six million dollars from publicity and doubling their stocks after a year and within three years Stevens Aviation was making four times what it made in the year of the match. The charity also gained fifteen million dollars from the three rounds of the match.

Hmmmm…Muy Interesante….